Parents Locked Up Their ‘Ghost Possessed’ Son For 30 Years

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Sometimes very bizarre things happen that people do. This time is no exception, a man was locked away inside of a cage for 30 years by his parents. They believed that their six year old son, was possessed by some kind of a ghostly spirit.

This incident began back when the man was still a boy. He behaved erratically and his parents thought he was being possessed by something. As it turns out, the man was found out to have a mental health condition. His parents thought the only way to help him, was by doing exorcism practices.

His parents didn’t understand his mental health condition early on and even tried to ‘release the evil spirit from him’. It is unknown, if others secretly performed an exorcism on their son in more recent times as well.

Comparably, things such as these happened with those accused of witchcraft years ago as well. Quite often, mentally challenged people were condemned to being locked away behind closed doors. In some areas of the world, this is still happening it seems. With modern medicine and more understanding, people are getting better help than they did once before. However, this isn’t always the case.

Mentally Challenged Man Caged By Parents

Unfortunately for this 39 year old man, he didn’t get help until recently. Concerned neighbors began noticing his hand reaching out from behind a metal cage. A video was made and sent to medical professionals, who later arranged for the man to be freed. From what is known, this man was only let out for exercise several year ago previously. His unusual behavior seemed to drive his parents to madness themselves it seems.

His mother Li Lianying, later admitted to saying that her husband “reluctantly” put him inside the cage more than 30 years ago, located in Hepu County’s Gongguan Township, in south China. It is here, where he stayed in a dark and damp cage for many years.

Parents Locked Up Their 'Ghost Possessed' Son For 30 Years

Li Lianying explained, one day their son went missing, when he was young. The local villagers performed an exorcism on him. He was later returned to his parents but began acting strangely. From this moment on, they believed he was possessed by a ghost. Li Lianying said, “He would run around aimlessly on the street and only learned how to say ‘Mom’ by the age of 12.”

Rather ignorantly, his parents never consulted any medical experts – as the boy was tucked away inside of his holding cell. His parents handed him food and water through the metal bars of his cage. This is a terrible case of ignorance and neglect. It is unknown, if the parents will be held responsible for their son.

(Source: Mirror)

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