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Kaleem the boy with large hands

kaleem eating

Unfortunately abnormalities happen sometimes, due to the quality of life and lack of resources in some areas around the world—some suffer greatly. Every aspect of daily life is a struggle; and for those who cannot afford healthcare, they certainly have a rough road ahead for them.

Meet 8 year old Kaleem from India, this young boy suffers from an extraordinarily rare condition where his hands are severely overgrown. The top part of his chest also seems to suffer protruding outwards.   

kaleem wall

Kaleem had over-sized hands at birth being twice the size of a normal child. His hands are now 13 inches from the bottom to his palm and from the tip of his middle finger. He has problems feeding himself because he cannot do routine tasks such as opening a bottle. Kaleem is also teased from other children who point fingers at him.

His father Shamin mentioned: “The headmaster told him to put into writing that the school would not be held responsible—if the other children were afraid of his hands or bullied and laughed at him.”

Kaleem said he doesn’t go to school now, because the teacher said the other children are scared of his hands. He has even been threatened by other children who said they would beat up him from his deformations.

Kaleem’s family desperately wants to help their child but cannot afford to do so. After they spoke with a Dr. Krishan Chugh near Dehli, he mentioned that the increased growth rate from his hands could damage his cardiovascular system.

His guess is this is a very rare case of acromegaly. This would shorten his life by quite a bit. Kaleem’s parents are quite poor earning only 15£ a month. This has left them without many options. After learning more, a donation has been established to help Kaleem.

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