Devil skull appears during hurricane Matthew

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Maybe you have heard of the eye of the storm? So far, this massive storm known as hurricane Matthew has sported an evil presence and it has people guessing what this might be. Perhaps this is more than just a simple storm and something else is actually there. The devil it seems is making their presence known to the masses in a big way.

So far, people have had many different reactions to these strange shaped clouds hovering in the storm.
Originally displayed by NASA, the satellites have captured infrared images which were shared by both the Weather Channel and social media such as Twitter. This storm has landed in Haiti and already has done significant damage even claiming the lives of a number of people.

The post so far has been seen and re-tweeted more than 1,500 times. Certainly the devilish display has people wondering what is going on. Many phrases such as “That’s creepy and this is freaky” have people trying to understand what they are really seeing. Is something of importance of the verge of showing itself after these weather photos have shown?


Unfortunately, the hurricane has already claimed the lives of over 283 people already in Haiti on October 4th. The storm has extended its pathway of carnage towards the United States. The governor has already warned people to evacuate most of the state.

Neighboring states are already seeing traffic increases and hotels/motels are being booked as people stay with friends and family as well. The cell of this storm is quite large covering quite an area. The Dominican Republic as suffered a few losses as well as reports have come in stating that four people have been killed from falling trees and debris.


President Obama has already declared states of emergency in Florida and South Carolina. Government relief agencies have been sent in to assist including the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This includes 3,500 National Guard troops as well. The main brunt of the storm has hit West Palm Beach at around 5 PM. Inside the eye the storm is quite powerful reaching winds upwards of 145 miles per hour.

There are now estimated to be at least 350,000 people who are in need of some kind of assistance even beyond the disaster. The United Nations representatives mention this is the worst humanitarian crisis since 2010 when the earthquakes happened.

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