Missing Folklorist Leaves Behind Mysterious Photograph

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Charlie Noonan disappeared years ago, after travelling the countryside tracking down mysterious stories. Charlie was considered an amateur folklorist during the early 20th century. His wife Ellie explained that one day Charlie went out to a remote farm. It was there, where he came across a peculiar elderly woman, who lived alone on a isolated property, located within the panhandle.

According to Charlie, this woman was not quite human. Whatever she was, she was something else. This woman was seldom ever seen without her canine companion, who never left her side it seemed. This same woman, also wore a headscarf which covered most of her head and made seeing her face that much more difficult.

Intrigued by the rumors of this woman, Charlie set forth to find her and wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery. Unfortunately for him, he never was seen again. His wife Ellie, was later contacted by a pawnbroker, who read about her husband’s disappearance in a newspaper. An engraving was etched on one camera that came through this pawn shop. The pawnbroker from Tulsa, Oklahoma thought it was best to return the camera back to his wife.

Out of curiosity, Ellie decided to get the film developed. What was found on the roll was rather strange and shocked to her. The woman Charlie went to find, was captured on one single snapshot along with her dog. One oddity was, this was the only photograph that was on the entire roll of film. The location and the name of the woman remains an absolute mystery.

Charlie made some notes but nothing of interest was found about this mystery woman. Only that there was a sense of uneasiness about her. Because of this, more people became interested in finding out who she was as time passed. He did learn about an area where she was believed to be.

Charlie Noonan mystery photograph

The photograph seems to show this unknown woman, along with her dog. Her eyes appear to be glowing, this gives off an unnerving feeling. The dog appears to be slightly upset, as seen in the photo. The dog seemed kind of agitated.

From what is understood, Charlie interviewed one farmer living in the area trying to find clues. When someone came across both this dog and this woman, they were immediately overwhelmed with a sense of dread.

Some people believe, that Charlie is still out there roaming forgotten places as he continues to search for clues.

(Source: The 13th Floor)

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