Leaked KGB Video Shows Mummified Alien Footage In Egypt

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This video has remained controversial ever since it was leaked. From what is known, Russia’s KGB (Committee for State Security in English) documented a rather interesting find, while in Egypt. An unknown number of agents, found a mummified alien estimated to be 13,000 years old in an undisclosed Egyptian tomb in 1961.

How old the video is, remains to be unanswered for. The quality of the black and white video is quite poor but is believed to be a part of a secret mission known as “Project ISIS”. A so-called “ancient astronaut” is seen during parts of this video. If this incident actually happened, then it changes history. This video suggests, that civilizations from the past…were visited by some kind of alien beings from another planet.

KGB alien mummy discovery

Both the Egyptians and Incas may have been visited by these ancient aliens, who helped them build many impressive monuments, that can be seen today such as the pyramids. This ancient race of extraterrestrial beings, had technology which they shared with humans during this time period.

So-called experts disagree with the video, saying it is nothing but one elaborate hoax. Project ISIS, allegedly included members from the Soviet Academy of Sciences, other scientists, several Egyptologists and military experts. The team itself was led by Sami Sharaf (who during this time) was a close aide to President Gamel Abdel Nasser of Egypt.

The video was obtained from an unnamed Russian source, who accessed the KGB archives. It is unknown where these videos and other documents were located but somehow the Russian mafia was involved as well.

While watching the video, footage shows various Soviet personnel opening what appears to be a sarcophagus of some kind. The estimation is, this took place within the Giza plateau. The mummy seen, is believed to be of alien origin.

KGB alien mummy discovery Egypt

The size of this alien mummy, was around 6.5 feet tall. Carbon-dating tests, mention that the mummified corpse is around 13,000 years old. During the video clip Russian soldiers appear to enter the tomb without any kind of protective clothing on. When the sarcophagus was opened, dust among other fumes seem to erupt everywhere. The soldiers among others then return to the room, only this time wearing gas masks along with protective clothing on.

While many sceptics doubt this video’s authenticity, it is unknown if this tomb held the likes of a Egyptian noble or King of some kind. This tomb, may be of royalty after all. According to the Syfy Channel, different forensic experts had analysed the film and confirmed that it is genuine.

KGB alien mummy Egypt

During a documentary, testimonies from high-ranking KGB officials state that this mummy was not human. Viktor Ivanovich, is one scientist who allegedly accessed classified files from secret KGB archives. According to him, there was a project known as ISIS. One of their missions was to secure alien documentation and other technologies stored inside of a secretive tomb in Giza.

Speculation is, this technology would be used for military and other purposes. Along with the mummified alien found, there were 15 different boxes filled with artifacts and hieroglyphic inscriptions. When they were translated, the message read: “winged deities”. Estimations are, whatever this thing was found inside the sarcophagus, it was 10,000 years older than before Christ documented by The Bible. The incident remains an unsolved mystery.

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