The Ghostly Presence Of Resurrection Mary

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Known as one of the most haunted spots in all of America, Resurrection Cemetery located in the Chicago area has become a hotspot for people seeing a ghost named “Resurrection Mary”. There is a graveyard located on Archer Avenue in Justice, IL. It is here, where a woman has been appearing before and even communicating with some folks since the 1930’s. 

This ghostly presence, has been best described as a young looking woman with long flowing blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She has been seen wearing a white party dress, with a thin shawl on. This ghost has dancing shoes on and even carries a purse. 

When drivers pass by the cemetery with Mary riding, she asks to be let out. She appears frightened and confused often to those who have seen or who have interacted with her. Many are in agreement how Mary died. 

Mary’s boyfriend, danced with her during the night at the Oh Henry Ballroom (now known as the Willowbrook Ballroom and Banquets). The couple got into a heated argument and Mary left very upset. Mary did not make it far, after she was struck down by a nearby passing car. The driver of this vehicle was never found it seems.

The hit and run was fatal, the driver left the scene leaving Mary to die on the road, about a mile away from the ballroom. Later, her family found her at the scene and Mary was then buried at Resurrection Cemetery, with her dancing dress still on.

Ghost On The Road Resurrection Mary

Those who have seen Mary often report her standing alongside the road with her white dress on. Passing motorists have picked her up before. These people said this young looking girl, never spoke a word the entire way.

Sometimes she will simply vanish from their vehicle or will get out to disappear into thin air. One story mentions Mary burning her hands into the actual cemetery gates, which still bares markings today.

One man named Jerry Palus from southside Chicago, said her actually danced with Mary back in 1939. He met her at the Liberty Grove and Hall at 47th and Mozart. This is a different location from where the Oh Henry/Willowbrook Ballroom is located.

Both of them danced and kissed one another. She later asked him to drive her home. They took the way of Archer Avenue, where Mary got out and left walking towards the front of Resurrection Cemetery. She seemingly faded away right before his very eyes.

It was 1973, when Resurrection Mary appeared again. This time however, she was at the Harlow’s nightclub, on Cicero Avenue on Chicago’s southwest side. That year she also crossed paths with a cab driver who picked her up at Chet’s Melody Lounge located across the street from Resurrection Cemetery. The young woman left without paying her fare.

Further appearances of her have been reported throughout the years of 1976, 1978, 1980, and 1989. During these incidents, people have either nearly hit her on the road or Mary seemed to wander off towards the cemetery.

To their surprise, she was nowhere to be found after they left their vehicle. It seems Mary will only take a ride, after she has passed by the actual cemetery first. Mostly men it seems have offered her a ride but a few women as well. In any event, she usually disappears after a while.

Speculations have run wild about who Mary really is. One theory is Mary is really Anna “Marija” Norkus, who died back in 1927 from an automobile accident. Folklorists and story lovers believe Mary’s true identity might be Mary Bregovy, a young girl who died back in 1934. 

What makes Mary’s story even more interesting is. Many of the people who have reported seeing her are sane individuals. They are regular folks, without anything to prove or gain really. This gives this ghostly urban legend story even more credibility. 

(Source: Wikipedia and Thrifty)

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