This Girl Had Fangs

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While we were out late one night, we made our way to a party. It was out in the countryside, far away from the city. My buddy and I noticed a fairly attractive girl standing in the corner by herself.

We decided to approach her but as we were wandering over, the crowd thickened. Not more than a few moments later she was gone. Both of us decided to look around for her as she was on our minds. 

The girl looked like she stepped from out of a painting, something from many years ago. She also seemed to be dressed kind of differently. All of it was most unusual. Anyone else would have wondered the same thing. To best describe her would be somewhat short, pale with dark hair and alluring eyes.

After the night passed on further, my buddy and I decided to look around more for this girl yet we couldn’t seem to find her. She must have left the party already. Where this took place was in a mountainside home, the kid who threw the party had some money as his parents were rather well off. 

To get here, people have to drive up a long sloped driveway. A gate is setup at the base of the place but this was left open so people could get in and out. We decided to hitch a ride with someone there, it was on the back of a truck and the guy driving was flying pretty fast down the driveway.

My buddy and I tapped on the back of the window because we had to take a piss. When we got out (with beers in hand) we stumbled over to a part of the woods. 

When I looked over (off in the distance) there was a girl talking to a guy. Both of their backs were turned away from us. I’m not sure why, but we decided to approach them. About 20 feet away, they then noticed us and when the girl turned around she had fangs! This bitch was a vampire, I kid you not! 

While it was dark outside, but there was some glow coming down from the lights outside the house stretching down towards where we were. I must have blinked because moments later, she was gone.

Both of us looked at one another and wondered if this was the same girl we noticed from earlier. She certainly looked like her but this time she was dressed differently. 

I don’t think either of us had that much to drink, but it was very weird all of it. Probably the creepiest thing aside from her fangs was that the guy she was talking with looked like he had blood dripping from his neck. Instead of talking to them we just left and made our way out of this place. To date, I don’t know what to believe it was really a wild night.

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