Ghostly biker encounter

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Ghost on road

Some nights seem spooky when you are alone traveling down a long and windy road. These moments have been talked about over time. They are what is known as roadside ghosts. These entities seem to have been left behind in their lives. Biker ghosts and spirits are believed to be victims of horrific crashes. Their souls are trapped between the land of the living and the dead.

As strange as it may seem, people believe in these urban myths…perhaps it was nothing more than their mere imagination. The paranormal phenomenon apparently has happened in different spots throughout the world. Take for example the story of a lone motorbike rider who was out late, driving on a lone country back road by himself.


The rider was barely able to make out what appeared to be a woman who had long blonde flowing hair standing along the side of the road. Her hair dangled covering her face from the nightly breeze. The woman beckoned silently to the rider to pull over, and fearing for the lady’s safety on such a bleak night, he promptly obliged.

As the moment passed the howling winds began to pick up. She climbed onto the rear of the motorcycle, the driver asked her where she was traveling to. This mysterious lady whispered into his ear “I need to get back home”. “Right” he replied. The lady didn’t seem to talk very much instead preferring to communicate with gestures pointing out the rest of the way. Her figure was draped by a long flowing dress which also appeared slightly torn.

As they drove further down the road, a word was spoken by her—but the motorcycle driver had trouble understanding her from the noise made by the blowing winds and motorbike. She duly wrapped her arms around the unsuspecting rider, he was in a moment of contentment. The woman’s grip became tighter and tighter.

The rider could see off in the distance a town. Before reaching their destination, he looked back at her face with a shock of horror. She appeared to be ghastly dead with flesh rotten and eyes unlike nothing he had ever seen. This sent him into a frightful slide crashing along the road just out of reach of the town. To his absolute amazement, the woman was gone as if she vanished into thin air. The only conclusion he could draw, was that he had been carrying a ghost behind him.

Road at night semi truck

Later, he found out from the local pub about a young woman who had been killed earlier along the same route he had been driving on. The description seemed to match her figure in size. How she died was a motorcycle accident involving a semi trailer truck which happened years ago.

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