Mommy, Can I Come Out To Play?

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Seen in this photograph, appears to be a young child. The child however, looks as if they have been long dead for a while now. Adding to the weirdness of this, is the woman who was taking a photo while sitting at her desk calmly and smiling happily. It is assumed there was a computer in front of her. Standing and looking at her in the background by the door, is a child figure.

Mommy Can I Come Out To Play

If this isn’t human, then its likely a ghost or demon of some kind. There is a fair amount of subtle creepiness to the entire photo. Not much is known about this photograph, other than it being taken sometime during the evening hours. That being mentioned, the curtains in the home could have been drawn, to make it appear to be nighttime.

The woman’s identity is somewhat hidden, as part of her face has been blurred out. It is obvious that unless this was staged, she had no idea this little ghostly girl was standing behind her. This little girl could be something else also. Sometimes demons will manifest into things we feel that aren’t threatening.

This is done, so they can get the jump on someone and catch them off guard. Dark forces possess abilities to manipulate those around them. Often when people get angry for no particular reason, they are being influenced by something evil around them.

Ghost girl by door at night

This photograph was sent in to the Ghosts and Ghouls website, many years ago back in 2012. Not much else is known about it, other than it being eerie and creepy. There are many things in the world, in which we simply don’t understand or have any answer for, this might be another example of this.

There are hauntings and ghost sightings that are reported about daily, somewhere around the world. Although this photograph is old, it is another piece of evidence that we simply are not alone in our world. Perhaps even, these spirits or demons are merely trying to communicate to us for whatever reason.

Was this woman in some kind of danger? Perhaps not, but it is assumed she later shared the photo online after being completely freaked out. After all, who wouldn’t be after seeing this in their photo? Maybe the little girl simply wanted to play…

(Source: Ghosts and Ghouls)

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