Prepare Yourself For Astral Plane Monsters

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While traversing through the astral plane (from a spiritual meditative experience) one must prepare to face off against unfriendly entities, that may linger within another plane of existence entirely.

People have prepared themselves mentally, to travel to another plane that theoretically exists. Astral projection, is a debated topic yet some people have claimed to have visited other places by doing this.

Not only does someone travel to any point in both time and space, but they also ascend to another dimension of reality. This is much different, than what many of us know about while here on Earth. Ultimately, when we die, our body remains behind, but our soul moves onward. One theory about using astral projection is, we are actually given access to this realm by doing this.

Astral plane meditation escape

When someone’s soul crosses over, they are actuality being born. Their body physically dies but they will live on. Another theory is, immaterial beings live within this realm as well. Just like anything good, there is evil as well.

These benevolent entities, might lean more towards something good such as an angelic spirit. It is important to know evil things can sometimes manifest into something that seems good as well. Trickery is often used by dark forces, within our existence in this plane or the next. It is important to be prepared before astral projecting into another existence.

The Astral Plane, is made up of multiple layers. The lower level, is believed to be a repository. The lower level, is the collective fears of humanity. Theoretically, in order for someone to reach the higher plane, they must first cross through this one. While doing this, they will be faced with different dangers in their path.

When someone’s astral body shines ever so brightly, they allow themselves access to everything around them. Their vibrational levels are different than most. Their attraction to the bright glowing around them is the fuel for their astral body. People think there is no physical risk of dying. They might encounter a malevolent lower vibrational entity, that may cause them distress and certainly will be a memorable experience for them however.

Most of what we know or have heard of comes from the lower tier astral plane level. These include everything from ghosts and demons, to other paranormal type entities. These types of things, desire and sometimes feed off someone’s astral body. Their attraction is powerful…for them a person’s astral body becomes the very source of their existence.

Astral plane exsistence

How can someone be prepared before entering the astral plane? The must raise their inner vibration. People that have limited mentalities, are more susceptible to lower level type monstrous entities. The emotional state of mind includes everything from fear, doubt, sadness, hatred to other negative thoughts and emotions. Everyday, it seems people are facing these type of issues to overcome.

To reach our truest potential, people must embrace love, courage, joy and compassion. This causes their frequency to change as they vibrate or resonate higher. Lower entities that were once threatening, are now no longer a problem – as they won’t detect someone operating on this wave length or vibrational resonation. They will become invisible to these things, as they strive to reach a higher astral plane of existence.

Sometimes someone can sense a lower vibrational entity coming at them, even from a distance. Wisely choose another route to proceed or wake up and wait until the entity is gone before slipping into unconsciousness again. These types of monsters usually are always searching for another another person to latch onto.

Astral plane monsters

If something such as this is chasing after you, evade them and run away. Try to reach another plane or if all else fails descend back to your body. Don’t give them the chance to gain momentum to reach you.

The sooner you evade, run, or get out of their way, the better. Once they give up, they will stop the chase and you can continue on your way. Other methods include using one’s armor of light to deflect their leeching energies.

Lifting up one’s astral sword to slay or ward away these unsafe energies is equally as important. Protections are created with the powers of love, compassion and happiness. Follow these important steps, to further explore and stay safe while venturing through another plane of existence.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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