People Are Buying Demonic And Haunted Dolls Like Mad

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A rather bizarre trend is happening lately, people have become obsessed with anything paranormal. In particular, people are buying up paranormal possessed dolls online from sites like eBay and Etsy among others.

This growing trend has become an epidemic burst of madness, as people keep trying to find the most disturbing and “haunted” dolls they can find. Many of these dolls have backstories where they allegedly have become haunted or possessed somehow. Likely, these dolls have become possessed by something rather sinister, such as a demonic type force or spirit.

Creepy Haunted Doll

Either way, these dolls are something most people wouldn’t want to have hanging around the house. There have been a number of movies made about possessed dolls, that were popularized.

Perhaps all of this is happening out of mere curiosity. There are so many terrifying things in our world, which we simply do not understand. Things such as these, may seem like a toy but they often can become a vessel for evil spirits.

Likewise, someone wouldn’t want to mess around with an Ouija board, if they didn’t know what they were doing. Anytime someone spends time around a place or object (that was or is being plagued by a paranormal presence) they should be wary.

The prices of these disturbing dolls, range between a few dollars up until the thousands. Mostly, these dolls range around the $50 dollar mark. The more desirable dolls of course cost more due to their uniqueness, materials and age. While browsing through these listings one can compare a detailed summary of the dolls background. Perhaps the doll was even owned by someone notable or used in a famous way.

Throughout each of these listings, the personality is often described about the doll. Each doll is even labeled as being active or highly active. This means the doll itself, is still allegedly doing unusual things or causing things to happen around it. The dolls that are still active, are being sold for even more money as they are desirable among buyers.

Descriptions include some dolls being able to move or manipulate objects, being able to communicate telepathically and even make noises. There are some outrageous claims out there and of course, some people are out to make a quick buck with fakes, just like anything else.

Ouija boards are even believed to be used to communicate with these dolls. Perhaps even some of these dolls are being used in ritualistic type ceremonies, involving the dark arts of witchcraft. It is anyone’s best guess what someone might use something like this for. Certainly this is a disturbing trend happening lately.

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