Faceless Freaks Found Frolicking In The Forest

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A video was uploaded by the ‘GhostPanic Official’ YouTube channel. Their ghost hunting crew consists of 5 different guys who wander around looking for anything out of the ordinary.

They are known simply as “Ghost Panic Team”. It seems they happened upon something unexplainable. It is unknown what exactly these things were, that were captured on their video. 

The video is both creepy and weird. As seen in the video, are several humanoid type creatures wandering around in the darkness. They appear to be faceless and have long dark looking hair. 

As with many videos like this, the question remains whether or not this was created or this was some kind of actual paranormal encounter. If this was real, it certainly would frightened most people away. The quality of the video is kind of poor but good enough to make out some details anyway. 

So, what was happening in this forest? These things look like mutants, were they escapees from some kind of secret asylum? There are so many questions about this video. In all likeliness, this was all staged by a small group of people. 

One of the young men can be heard screaming in terror, after he locks eyes upon these strange looking misfit freaks. People do practice the dark arts and different groups will secretly meet in remote locations. While far fetched, they unknowingly may have summoned forth several demon-like entities. Maybe even, they disposed of the other people there.

Some people enjoy the thrill of the hunt or are adrenaline junkies. Wandering around alone or with others in a dark forest can be a recipe for disaster.

You never know just what might be out there. Imagine camping in this forest and having these freaks wander into your camp. 

This video was believed to be recorded somewhere in Indonesia. The Orang bunian are supernatural beings in Indonesian folklore, believed to be invisible to most humans, except those with spiritual sight. Maybe these things were some kind of incarnation of these but likely not.

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