Mysterious cloaked beings invoke miracle recovery

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Many miracles have been the explanation to the unthinkable. There simply is no other way to explain the remarkable recoveries made in some situations. When faced with your back against the wall. All one can do, is pray for some kind of help and guidance.

Those who are of deep religious faith, try the fathom the seemingly impossible – hoping for some sort of miracle. Sometimes, a divine intervention of some sort, seems to be the best explanation of what actually happened.

This is what Jay from Florida thought back in 1986, when his young daughter was faced with overwhelming odds. She was fighting against an inoperable cancerous brain tumor. Jay felt like his whole world came crashing down upon him and didn’t know what to do next. Turning to prayer, he asked the impossible. He wanted to see his daughter make a recovery, so that she would live a long and fruitful life.

Mysterious cloaked beings save little girls life

One night, while his daughter was sleeping, Jay wandered into his daughter’s room. She suddenly was awakened by three otherworldly beings. They were all dressed in long cloaks and stood at the foot of his daughter’s bed.

Able to communicate with one another, these three mysterious beings gestured and spoke in an unknown tongue. It was difficult to understand what was happening, but Jay was scared for both his daughter, wife and himself. He desperately wanted to wander over, to be by his daughter’s side but miraculously he was paralyzed.

The only thing he could move was his eyes. These strange beings moved to the the opposite side of the bed from where they once stood. Jay and his wife, knew they were both witnessing something out of the ordinary. Neither of them could move, but only witness this majestical moment in time, happening before them. As these beings wandered over, a sense of peace washed over both Jay and his wife.

One of these mysterious beings, leaned forward and placed its hand on their daughter. Everything became still, as the parents felt like they were in a kind of dream state. The being that was directly opposite of where the daughter was laying in bed, also bent down to touch her. The very next day, their daughter seemed to experience a massive nosebleed.

After losing quite a bit of blood from her nose, she nearly gagged several times. It seems that a large blood clot was expelled from her nose. Several months then passed by and the parents took their daughter to the hospital for a new CT scan.

Completely shocked, the parents were both smiling as their darling little girl was now cancer free. The doctor said, that it was as if the tumor was removed by some kind of laser. He had never seen anything like this before and it is something he will never forget.

(Source: Phantoms and Monsters)

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