Strange humanoid creature captured crossing highway

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In this video, appears to be an unexplained creature of some sort. Starting from left to right, this creature makes its way across the highway in Great Britain. The video was first shared online back in 2007 and allegedly was recorded on 11/14/07. This rather bizarre cryptozoological creature at first glance, appears to be humanoid by nature. However, this seems to be something else entirely after further examination perhaps even something otherworldly.

Wessex Way Monster in UK

Seen at full-speed, this appears to be some sort of animal at first. People have mentioned it being everything from a deer, fox, cat, squirrel or wolf to a kangaroo. None of these animals appear to fit what this thing is. This unknown creature appears to have forward-pointing knees as well, making it rather unusual indeed.

However, a scrawny dog, wouldn’t appear like this either. Looking carefully, upon a zoomed in image, this animal or whatever it might be, has white tips like on converse shoes on. Is this some kind of escaped human hybrid from a remote laboratory somewhere? Another possibility is, this being a feral human of some sort which was raised by animals.

Wessex Way Highway Monster

Paranormal researchers have even conducted studies about this CCTV footage taken from a mounted surveillance camera. Local authorities don’t know what to make of it. They say it is genuine footage. This video remains one of the best fakes which exist regarding something like this, at least that is what they want to believe. It has been dubbed the Wessex Way “Monster” and has since become a local legend around the area.

This cryptozoological creature, appears as a greyhound or deer type animal upon first glance. However, there is no tail seen like a dog or deer would have. Again, the angle and bend of the leg seen appears to be more human-like. Still frame photo captures, show what appears to be a human head, body, and legs of a humanoid running on all fours.

Wessex Way Highway Monster of 2007

Whatever it is, this thing is fast, as it sprints across the highway. The frames in the video, also appear to be poor quality, which makes some believe – this is nothing more than a hoax created by someone. If this is a hoax, it is very well done, making it difficult to discredit.
A hunter from Norfolk, England mentioned that whatever this is, it moves elegantly like a deer would. They also made note about the hind legs being comparable to that of a human as well.

Someone mentioned why the car seen didn’t stop for this creature seen in the video. The reason for this is simple, It is illegal to stop a car alongside the roadway in the United Kingdom, unless it is for designated grounds, accidents or vehicle breakdowns.

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