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More NASA hoax theories unveiled

When people donate to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) they believe that their generous donations and other contributions are for a noble cause. However, for years many have doubted where the real funding is going. Many people believe that most, if not all of what we have seen, is nothing more than an elaborate

NASA swat team terrifies grandmother forcing her to give up her Moon rock

An astonishing event happened, when 75 year old Joann Davis from Lake Elsinore, California was forced to give up her Moon rock by gun point. The entire event took place outside of a Denny’s restaurant franchise. The disgruntled and outraged grandmother’s pants were ruined from a frightful urination—as she spoke with various federal agents about

Mobile alien bases have been spotted on the Moon

With all the theories about aliens and extraterrestrial activity happening lately, some people have reached the conclusion that on the Moon, we are not alone. There has been photographic evidence of what appears to be some sort of extraterrestrial type base seen. Not only this, but it also appears to be moving from one location

Humans originally evolved from another world

A rather interesting theory has been presented which may explain the origin of humans. According to a Dr. Ellis Silver, humans are actually descendants of a cross-breed species of alien life. We suffer many different deformities, some at birth and others as we age. Our origination, is from another planet somewhere out in the galaxy.