Mother Photographs Ghostly Entity Entering Daughters Mouth

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A mother named Dana Bieber shared a photograph that shows a ghostly entity appearing to enter her daughter’s mouth. At the time, her child was only 14 months old. Dana explained that she merely wanted to capture her daughter with a remember able photograph. Little did she realize at the time…that she captured with her camera something quite extraordinary. This unusual moment still perplexes people today.

Spirit Stirs Small Childs Soul

The photo was taken before digital photography even existed. This makes dating this photograph quite difficult. The earliest digital camera ever made, was created back in December of 1975, by an engineer working for the Eastman Kodak company. His name is Steve Sasson and he is regarded as the inventor of the digital camera.

Dana also said that she developed this photograph in her dark room. Many can speculate that it was done correctly and this isn’t some kind of streak that formed when developed. It is possible that the film was simply overexposed. Dana believes that she did everything correctly and that the photograph is something supernatural by nature. After glancing at the photo for the very first time, she began to wonder whether or not this was some kind of fluke.

Eventually, this photograph made its way online and was shared to a blogger page titled Real Ghost and Demon Hauntings. The post was made on Sunday, February 27, 2011. When ghosts manifest in our world, they often take shape in different ways. Sometimes they can form what resembles that of a human being. Other times not so much.

These shapes we can assume to be transitional moments seen. Many paranormal experts and enthusiasts alike – agree that children and animals are most connected with ghosts. This is mere speculation but because their souls are not yet tainted by the ways of the world, they are closer connected to everything around them.

It is unknown why this spirit decided to enter this child’s mouth at night. Other theories about this are, the child was being attacked by something more demonic by nature. This is a possibility as well. The long blue-colored line seen in the photograph, seems to be slightly larger than a straw.

Could it be that this ghostly entity was instead coming from the little girls mouth? It is quite weird nonetheless. Maybe someone out there knows more about this rather unique photo.

One person named Wanda Perkins commented about this by saying, “It looks like one of these spiritual photos. Pray for her everyday. Sure you have been.”

(Source: Real Ghost and Demon Hauntings)

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