Dirty Car Window Or Ghost Crossing The Road?

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This mystery video, is of unknown origin. It was posted on a YouTube channel by Elvis Georgijev. What is seen, remains rather skeptical. Either someone has a really dirty front car window or the video captured (what appears to be) an apparition floating across a back road somewhere.

The video remains unexplained yet is interesting to look at. The guess is…this was taken somewhere in Europe, back between 2008-2010. Elvis Georgijev works as a independent internet professional, who does internet advertising and marketing. Elvis is from Slovenia, a country located between trade routes that borders Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

With such little information about this video, it remains rather obscure. How and why this video came into his possession is unanswered yet. The video clip is only 10 seconds long. Elvis has uploaded three other paranormal related videos on his channel. All of the videos are really short in length as well. This only further makes this road ghost capture suspicious at best.

Dirty Car Window Or Ghost Crossing The Road

If this really is a ghostly sighting, then it is one of the best caught during daytime hours. The day appears overcast and the road seems to split up two side of a forested area. Seen off the right hand side of the video, emerges that of a ghost entity. It then makes its way across the road seeming to take steps as it crosses off to the left.

The camera tends to shake around a bit, as the road appears to be a rather bumpy ride. It is assumed that he recorded this with his phone on the dashboard. The video is labeled “Scary Videos – ghost crossing street”, yet there there is only one small white colored building seen on the right side.

This location looks far more remote. Where they were going is unknown but the road isn’t paved. The road appears to be graveled and packed down. Best guess is, this road gets some traffic but not much.

The ghost figure seen is distorted but this what a gaseous cloud like form would be like in the minds of many people. Perhaps someone died near here and is haunting this location. The video still remains a mystery for now.

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