Texas cheerleaders get a haunting surprise

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Tascosa Rebels Cheerleaders ghost

While haunting s seem to occur in old homes, they also can happen at radio stations. These photos show what appears to be, some sort of ghostly entity standing behind the Tascosa Rebels Cheerleaders. They are from Amarillo, Texas. A radio station back in 2013, who posted this on their website showing the cheerleaders posing for the camera.

Amarillo is the 14th most populated city within the state of Texas. It is also the largest city in the Texas Panhandle. One part of the city actually extends into Randall County. There are around 200,000 people living here.

The radio station Kiss FM 96.9 held an event this night, as the high school cheerleaders struck their pose. What they didn’t notice at the time, was something strange was standing behind them. As the day passed, people started making comments about the ghost seen. As you can imagine, the girls were freaked out about it.

Tascosa Rebels Cheerleaders ghost seen

The cheer squad had a ghostly entity who wanted to pose with them it seems. Whatever this thing was, it looks like a cross between the crypt keeper and a kind of ghost. This event had the makings of an episode from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Buffy was a cheerleader who fought paranormal foes in the television series)

Cheer squad Tascosa Rebels Cheerleaders

For the girls, this was a fun time for them otherwise—as they spent time with “Tommy the Hacker” from the studio, one of the stations disk jockeys. The event during this time, was held for Amarillo’s Most Downloaded Songs.

It is a countdown show that is popular in this region. As imagined, the photos almost immediately started circulating around the web on social media sites. The hidden creepy scary face, appears in the picture and had their parents and friends scratching their heads. Ghosts can be territorial or out for vengeance as they are trapped between worlds. What this one was doing in this moment, is anyone’s best guess.

The girls had a blast aside from this paranormal moment, however it is something that they will never forget as it is captured in time for them. Years later, they can look back wondering why this ghost decided to get in on the action. Perhaps this was a fallen cheerleader from schools past that had that much extra school spirit.

One girl mentioned:

“I couldn’t see it clearly, till someone took a screen-shot of the picture and put arrows at the exact place where people were seeing some kind of image of a creepy face”.

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