The curious antique box

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You never know what you might find in an antique store. A woman named Cheryl, was browsing in Sanford, Florida for decorations. (Sanford is located northeast from the city of Orlando) This store was filled with many antique dolls, stuffed animals and other old figurines. There was certainly much to look at here.

As she wandered through this old antique store, she came across what appeared to be an old bookshelf upstairs. She then noticed an unusual box, lying on its side behind the this same bookshelf. Inquisitively, she then asked the store owner if the box was for sale.

The shopkeeper replied, “You know, I’ve never seen that before,” he said, picking it up. “But if you buy something else, maybe I’ll let you have it.” Cheryl nodded and eventually found a doll she fancied. She then left the shop with her new doll and this mysterious box in hand.

When she returned home, she looked over this unique box. It had a yellow stripe at the top, along with an old rusty nail twisted in place. It was locked, making it difficult to open. Eventually, she managed to pry it open, after her curiosity got the better of her.

The curious antique box

Inside the box, were several strange discoveries. First, she found a handmade doll, it was unlike anything she had seen before. After digging around inside the box, she also managed to find a gold ring with an inscription written across the band.

A date on the outside of the ring read 1969. At first, she thought it might be an old high school class ring. For some reason, she put the ring on her finger. Almost immediately, she felt strange sensation overwhelm her. When she took the ring off her finger she felt okay again.

The curious antique box and ring

Thinking to herself, she pondered…there must be a reason these items were inside of this box and why it was locked. Uncomfortable with the contents inside the box, she made the decision to later auction the items on eBay. Cheryl really wanted these items gone. Before eventually selling the box and its contents for $51.00 dollars, she would end up suffering rather bizarre nightmarish dreams.

She explained in her dreams there was a woman dressed in white, who was holding the box. The time period surrounding her, was old-fashioned and the home was filled with many unique antique items. There was a staircase, where this same woman in white…seemed to float up the stairs. She then seemingly vanishes into thin air. Cheryl couldn’t understand what or why this was happening to her.

Cheryl later explained that she received an email right before the auction ended. This is what the email said:

“Sadly I don’t have the money at the moment to spend on it. However, just for your health sake until you DO get rid of it, as I’m sure someone will buy it before I have the money, I do have some recommendations. Wrap it in a cotton heavy black cloth, And salt. Place salt around it in a ring, and you could also sage it, but Sage can be a bit expensive.My concern is it getting worse as Halloween approaches. The time when the veil is thinnest. The reason children wear costumes to protect, the reason for jack o lanterns, and the birth of dia de los muertos…

Just thought I’d share this information with you. And I don’t know if you can do this, but one charm to keep spirits away is a bottle of salt and water from a natural element be it a lack, a river or even rain but you can also use tap water is necessary just let is run for a while before using the water and have it set out on the night of the full moon. It’s kinda like the witches holy water. Hanging it from a tree also wards.. I hope the info I am sharing with everyone will prompt someone with more experience with this type Item will purchase it…”

This box and its contents are a curiosity, it makes one wonder what happened in the past. What was the reason for putting the doll and ring inside of the old box? Did something happen from the past that was otherworldly? More importantly, whoever bought these items, perhaps would know more about them. Is all of this part of some kind of rituals of sorts? There are many questions which still remain unanswered.

(Source: Stranger Dimensions)

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