Ghostly ‘Lady In White’ Recorded On India Backroad

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An incredible video, shows what appears to be a lady in white alongside the road. It was posted later on by Nuke’s Top 5, a YouTube channel. The first known video posting, is believed to be posted on the video sharing site dailymotion several years ago.

Ghost Lady In White India backroad

This is one creepy video, that seems to show (what resembles a woman) standing alongside the road. When the lights from their vehicle illuminate the figure the down the road, three friends didn’t know what to make of this at first. They can be overheard talking amongst one another.

Even more disturbing seen in the video, is when this ghost appears to jump from a wall made from stacked stones. Where this exactly happened is not yet known. However, this video will make the hair stand up on both your arms and neck.

Ghostly Lady In White India

Perhaps this ghost proceeded to jump from cliff repeating an apparent suicide. Some think that ghosts are nothing but mere snapshots of a moment in time. They are fragments of a once living person unable to move into the afterlife.

The road is believed to be somewhere at Chikkamagaluru, India. This area is hill station within Karnataka. This state is located in the southwest part of the country. Towards the north is Baba Budangiri, this mountain range is in the Western Ghats. Coffee plantations also grace the area as well. This location also is home to much wildlife that includes tigers, elephants and leopards.

Located here, are three large caves all of which are said to be holy. The area is covered with vast trails that weave through forests and grasslands that eventually lead to Mullayanagiri Peak.

This is one spooky video clip, that starts off with a translation in one version. The video was submitted by someone named Juan Sebastián Aguilar. The ghost is spotted, while a group of friends are driving down a dark deserted road. Typically, videos like this often get dismissed as fakes. Something about this one, seems quite different however.

Ghostly Lady In White India road

One friend mentions towards the beginning of the video that he is feeling sick due to the road being so bumpy. Not long after, one of the men notice the ghostly figure from the distance. He mentions that he notices something, the other guys reply what? Where? They at first, thought this was just someone walking through here. Quickly they pondered why someone would wonder this area at night alone in such an area.

Ghost Lady In White India Chikkamagaluru road

After passing by this ghostly figure, they later see it again down the road. The men are convinced that this isn’t someone but an actual ghost haunting this area. They start to panic and can be heard loudly, as they decide to leave this place. All of this is quite strange, as people try to make sense out of it. Perhaps this is evidence of a ghost captured on video. Watch the following video from 2:49 to 6:38.

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