Mysterious rope man mummy left behind at Bristol Bridge

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Rope man mummy Bristol Bridge

With Halloween right around the corner, people sometimes leave spooky things around to get peoples attention. This time, someone decided to leave a wrapped up mummy, sitting on the ground underneath Bristol Bridge located in England. This mummified masterpiece, caught the attention of the masses and equally confused as many. The mummy was spotted being by the banks of the harbor located here.

Rope man mummy at Bristol Bridge stairs

The bridge itself, was built back during the 13 century and first opened back in 1768. This location was known for its shops and homes nearby. They were setup initially, as a way to pay for the upkeep and maintenance now controlled by The Bristol City Council. Also located here, is a chapel with a large gate, which crossed the roadway in the middle section location.

The bridge was the original course of the River Avon. Now, it is considered as being a grade II listed building. As a special interest building, every instance has been setup to protect and preserve this historical bridge. As one can imagine, seeing a wrapped up mummy…would be a ghastly sight for many.

Some wondered, if this was real and someone stole a mummy on display from a museum…or if a dead person was really wrapped up inside all of those bandages. Judging from the distance, the figure appears to be a man who has been dumped and bound by beside the dock.

Rope man mummy found at Bristol Bridge

When someone wanders by, they would see what appeared to be a human-like figure nestled against the stone wall of the bridge. The mummy seems to be made from tightly bound wrappings of rope, wrapped around a metal type framing.

It seems, various types of ropes, have been used to fashion not only the mummies head, limbs and torso but how it is seen on display. Maybe this would be considered as artistic expression or street performance art. Whatever it may well be, it is quite an elaborate type scheme, which has gained some attention.

The weight of the mummy is unknown, but comparable to an adult man at around 200 pounds or so by estimation. It is unknown yet, if the mummy has been removed or left behind at the foot of the stairs where is was first discovered.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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