The infamous Bahia Horned Beast photo

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Known as the Bahia Horned Beast, this photograph was supposedly taken by an American girl in Brazil. She was 15 years old, when this was photo was taken back in 2007. To her surprise, she couldn’t understand at first what this thing was. This humanoid type figure, looks to have an exposed skull-like face, with deviled type horns protruding from on top of its head.

bahia beast

Often devils are portrayed as having horns on their head. This is a sign of demonic physicality. While this thing may well be a demon of some sort, it could be something else. In Greek mythology culture, what are known as satyrs are goat type men having long ears, tails, legs and horns comparable to a goat animal. The Romans also portrayed the satyr rather distinctively, in both carvings and drawings.

bahia beast color split

If this some kind of offshoot of a satyr or possibly related to the satyr creature, then it certainly is different by its appearance. It looks like it is carrying something in its arms, speculation is this is some kind of offspring or a weapon of some sort. Other than this being a prank, one can wonder why this thing was here and where it was going. The 15 year old girl, is pretty brave to have snapped this photo from a far. We can assume that this creature, didn’t see her as it was passing through the area.

The infamous Bahia Horned Beast photo

After this photograph was first published online by leading cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, more studies were made by the community, trying to figure out what this thing may well be. Since the photo was published online, this creature was then known as the Bahia Horned Beast. It truly is a remarkable photograph and has since been studied by numerous people. To date, it is still unclear what it may well be. Some believe it is someone covered in mud. However, the face is quite different along with the horns.

Image: Loren Coleman from YouTube

Image: Loren Coleman from YouTube

Loren Coleman, has been a part of the pseudoscience trying to prove the existence of many bizarre creatures from folklore and beyond. Some of these include the likes of Bigfoot, other dinosaurs and chupacabras among other strange things out there. Loren Coleman, administers a museum dedicated to cryptic type findings and studies located at:

International Cryptozoology Museum
4 Thompson’s Point Road, #106
Portland, Maine

(Mentioning Bigfoot, The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage turned 50 years old recently and remains a mystery as well)

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