Black-Eyed children entered my home

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girl and road

They have been reported about appearing in different places around the world. While they are young in appearance, they may be something else entirely. Known for their odd encounters, people have been mentioning them more each year. They are Black-Eyed children. What exactly they are is still up for debate. Some believe they are extraterrestrial and are simply using the form of children to make themselves more approachable at first.

Many stories have mentioned remote encounters with these strange children. They usually take place in a remote area and those who have encountered them are alone most of the time. A woman wanted to share her story, as her encounter seemingly has changed her life. Unfortunately for her, she has taken a turn for the worse.

In Vermont, this middle-aged lady lives in a rather remote area along with her husband. Her closest neighbors are far down the road away from her. This is a small community and everyone knows one another around here. In fact its so safe here most people could leave their doors unlocked at night. This is the kind of place someone could safely raise a family and find good friends. Well this was before things happened to her that dreadful night.

About a year ago, she woke up after hearing a rather loud banging noise coming from her front door. The road they live on is a dirt road, just on the outskirt of the town nearby. This night it was snowing pretty heavy outside. The surrounding area has hills everywhere making the slopes rather slippery to walk around.

Her first thoughts were someone may have had an accident as this has happened before around here. As she looked out the window the motion sensor triggered an outdoor light they have installed. She noticed small footprints in the snow. There were no signs of any cars around but she noticed someone was standing there.

From her angle, she couldn’t see entirely and she didn’t feel comfortable answering the door by herself, so she woke up her husband. Her husband then opened the door while she stood behind him in the hallway, to their surprise two small children were standing there looking up at them. It was around 2:00 am.

There was a boy and girl, they didn’t look more than 8 years old. Their clothes were kind of strange looking. They looked as if they were from another time period perhaps from the past. Both children weren’t dressed for winter weather either. They believed them to be Mennonites. But they weren’t entirely certain.

The wife’s first instinct was to fetch some blankets and hot cocoa but this isn’t how she started to feel. These children were making her feel uncomfortable. She asked them: Where are your parents?” The children replied: “Our parents will be here soon”. With some regret, they invited them inside to get out of the cold.


As the wife went to get them something hot to drink, she noticed their cats were suddenly hiding. Normally these cats were more friendly and curious about those who came to visit them. Only one cat named Pigeon remained out in the open—but its hair was raised up as it hissed and growled at the children.

She wandered back into the living room where the children were and noticed her husband sitting down with his hand over his head. He mentioned he felt dizzy and didn’t feel good. As she turned back toward the children she noticed their eyes were completely black. There was no sign of whiteness seen. They both had deep black pupils.

This freaked her out. After a few minutes the children were standing next to one another out of the light in the room. Minutes later in unison they said: “Our parents are here”. They went to the door and opened it, walking back outside. The woman quickly went to close the door before seeing two men standing by a black unmarked car. These two men were at least six feet tall. Her husband waved at the men as they gave them an unnerving cold stare. The power in their house went on and off but then stabilized.

As time passed, 3 out of 4 of their cats went missing. Pigeon their cat one day they found vomiting in a pool of blood. They took the cat to the veterinarian as it seemed it suffered some kind of hemorrhaging. Her husband began experiencing nosebleeds on a regular basis after this encounter.

He later was diagnosed with skin cancer as well. Doctors couldn’t understand how his skin condition progressed so quickly. Previously, he hasn’t spent much time outside (in the sun) as he worked an office job. Since meeting these black-eyed children, the wife also suffered from nose bleeds experiencing dizzy spells and several other health issues. Were these children from another world? The symptoms they suffered from are reminiscent of radiation exposure. Whatever these children were they are certainly something to avoid.

Beware of the Black-Eyed children
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