New suicide machine makes death peaceful and painless

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While many people each and every year sometimes feel depressed. There is always a positive side to life. Every life is precious on Earth, even though people question other people’s actions sometimes. We are all in this world together and need to make the most of it. After all, life is precious because time passes. Don’t get caught up living life for the many superficial things, that seems to dominate the way society thinks.

However, there are those who got the short end of the stick or a raw deal. Unfortunately, people are sometimes struck down with some kind of terminal illness or have been hurt badly in some kind of accident. For these people, they may well find no solace. As with today’s world, it has now been dominated by technology.

Sarco machine by Exit International

Through this very technology, a solution has been presented to end one’s life. The process is quite simple really and will put someone into a permanent deep sleep. Using a machine that is now known as “Sarco”. A person will peacefully end their very life, by entering what appears to be a pod shaped device. It’s futuristic design, looks like something that came from out of a comic book in the 1950’s.

This device, essentially is a futuristic sleeping chamber, but it assists with someone taking their life. The inventors name is Philip Nitschke who lives in Australia. His, research into this and what he has done as deemed him the “Elon Musk of assisted suicide”. Nitschke’s machine, has come conveniently after lawmaker in Victoria voted on legalizing euthanasia.

Philip mentioned, that his machine, will help people make rational suicide solutions – to those who are in dire need to end their life. After pressing one simple button, the process initiates and is in actuality quite painless for the person lying inside the pod chamber of “Sarco”. Philip also said that this is the most optimal way to actually die.

Image: Philip Nitschke at Exit International

Image: Philip Nitschke at Exit International

Known as Exit International, this is the established organization that Philip has started. His company, plans to start introducing these machines to those seeking a solution for their existence. Exit International, is going to be known as the “aid-in-dying” organization.

The Sarco machine itself, comes with a base – that has a translucent chamber at the top, which someone can enter into. The proportions were specifically tailored to fit most people inside of “comfortably”. After entering this pod, this chamber will begin to fill up with liquid nitrogen.

When this happens, the bodies oxygen level will be brought down to a mere 5%. When this happens, the person will fall into a deep unconsciousness and will not feel any pain. Comparably, this is similar to the depressurizing of an airplane cabin. After this, the person dies quickly and the machine pod becomes a coffin for the person, who elected themselves to die. The base of the chamber, can actually be reused again.

Exit International released a press release disclosing more details. They mentioned, that the Sarco machine can be created by a 3D printer and assembled in just about any location. They plan to release the blueprints public ally for free and then make them open-source online. Only those considered being terminally ill living inside the United States, can legally commit suicide. Philip Nitschke also went on to say that “Suicide should be a civil right”.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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