The Demon of Brownsville Road

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3406 Brownville Road

In the hub of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known as Allegheny County exists the borough Brentwood. It is here where unimaginable terror would reign. A book has been written by Bob Cranmer who lived and experienced the persecution by a demonic force. Whatever this thing was, it was angered by people being there.

The house located at 3406 Brownville Road was once a vessel for evil to roam free. Bob Cranmer lived here with his wife Lesa along with their daughter and three sons for 18 years. They all were emotionally and physically drained from their experiences which inevitability had a negative affect upon their family.

Unbeknownst to them, this home was once the resting place of a Native American tribe from the 1700’s. It is believed that when the home was constructed, it was also cursed by a worker between 1909 and 1910.

3406 Brownville Road night

Whether or not this worker was of native origin is unknown. The first wave of disturbing things happened when the original homeowners “The Malicks” wanted to earn some extra money by renting the home out to a local doctor (and alcoholic) named James C. Magan Sr.
He performed illegal abortions, which had killed a number of children and several of the mothers. These restless spirits were fuel for the dark demon which plagued their home.

Many strange occurrences would happen such as blood dripping from the walls and his family on different occasions were pushed and pulled by an unseen force initially. Eventually Bob Cranmer was fed up with these happenings and contacted the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh. Later a priest was sent in to perform an exorcism upon the house.

The home was overrun by a demon which appeared as described by the family as a “black foggy cloud”. Bob was determined to further investigate what this demonic force might be, his conclusion was that of Moloch, the Canaanite god which is mentioned in the Old Testament of the bible. It is believed that the home’s previous owners actually worshiped Moloch and received child sacrifices.

Bob Cranmer

If you are further interested, Bob’s book is available at Amazon:

Shadowy fiend found
Demon in the darkness

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