US Pentagon reveals UFO program disclosure

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For the longest time, people have wondered what has been happening with alien spacecraft and the existence of them. It seems that now, more information has been released to the general public about UFOs and alien beings being in our world.

Over the course of this past weekend, news broke about the Pentagon’s secret UFO research program. Since people have learned about this, news outlets have been spreading the story around. The frenzy of this phenomenon has brought to light more insightful information.

The New York Times was one of the first to release this information about the existence of UFOs and alien life surrounding our very skies. The US government, is throwing the public a bone, about the UFO phenomenon – that has been a part of the subconscious mind of citizens everywhere.

UFO Pentagon reveal

There was an actual budget, allocated for a research program designed to study the existence of alien life and UFO activity. From what is known, the program had a budget of 22 million dollars. It is a serious subject, unless you have been living under a rock, there have been numerous stories reported about aliens and UFOs. While some of them are downright laughable, others are more in questionable whether or not they are in fact for real.

The Pentagon’s confirmation about this subject, has been regarded as mostly curious, instead of simply dismissing it. Taxpayers wonder whether or not, their hard earned dollars were or will be put to good use studying UFOs. Rather intriguing details have emerged about the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.

Apparently, there is a 490-page report that was made and later issued to the US Department of Defense. At this point, it is unclear if this report will be released to the public soon. Perhaps, it will be “edited” to leave out any key details. The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, did provide some kind of insight, about metal alloys and other type materials which were recovered. This raises questions of course, as to what they recovered and are possibly reverse engineering.

Pentagon UFO disclosure

An interview took place with MSNBC with Ralph Blumenthal, who then explained that the material from these different seen objects, is being studied so that scientists can attempt to figure out what properties they have. Ralph replied: “Hey don’t know. They’re studying it, but it’s some kind of compound that they don’t recognize.”

What happens next, is anyone’s best guess, however there is hope that the community will further disclose information with the public’s interest at heart. Alien and UFO disclosure is imminent. Perhaps sometime next year even, we will finally learn the real truth of things, as a bit of momentum has been made with the Pentagon regarding this topic.

Alien on Earth

Both believers and nonbelievers express their concerns. Some conspiracy theorists, are saying that an actual threat may be close and this should not be taken lightly. All we can do, is wait for now.

(Source: Coast to Coast)

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