Now People Are Using AI To Talk To The Dead

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What would it be like to talk to a beloved person who passed away? Could advanced technology help bring them back, even for just a moment? Séance AI has developed a system that brings this concept to reality by utilizing large language models (LLMs). LLMs are sophisticated algorithms that generate lifelike text and speech based on massive amounts of online data.

Jarren Rocks, the designer heading up AE Studio software development lab, has created Séance AI to fulfill the need for a way in which people can connect emotionally with their lost loved ones even after death.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

As opposed to simply recreating a person, Rocks wants to provide a unique portal experience for bereaved individuals. “Rather than simply recreating someone,” said Rocks in his conversation with Futurism, “we’re envisioning something much more magical and mystical.” To begin using Seance AI you will need to know some general information about the individual such as their name, age and cause of death. After this is submitted you can choose your desired form of communication – text message voice or video.

Séance AI is a messaging app built on artificial intelligence. Not only does Séance AI allow you to chat with people long gone, but it brings their personality back to life. They do so by mining social media and other resources for clues about someone’s past. For example, they can use data from your grandfather’s obituary and Twitter account to bring his personality out in our conversations with him — such as the voice he would use or what he’d be interested in talking about. 

The founder of your company is very aware of the technology’s potential impact; he wants individuals to experience closure, find some relief, or ask questions even after someone has passed away. He also fears that this technology could be exploited for darker purposes — for instance, bringing up forbidden topics around young children out of interest rather than necessity would not only be disrespectful, but it would also lead to psychological trauma later on in life.

Rocks is the creator of Séance AI, an experimental and imperfect tool with the potential to offer comfort to people dealing with grief or wishing to explore the afterlife. The project does not involve collecting any personal data and utilizes only publicly-available information – Rocks asks for donations but does not charge a fee. Furthermore, feedback from users and experts aids in improving both its user interface and accuracy of artificial language models.

“I believe there’s real value in this technology,” Rocks said. “It could provide solace during hard times by respecting the privacy and dignity of those who have passed away as well as their families.”

Who knows what else is heading our way with all of this artificial intelligence being created each and every day. The world will for sure look different one day more so than it is now.

Source: Anomalien

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