One night with the devil girl

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While sharing a bus ride back to campus, several guys were sitting in front of me. I overheard them talking about a buddy they knew, who experienced something quite crazy. His name was Paul and went on a date with this chick, she was hot and really into him. They met one another at a nightclub and immediately hit it off.

Just like anyone else would do, they went out for a movie and dinner. Later, Paul introduced her to several of his friends. It was getting late, maybe around 3:00 am and the two to them, were really into each other. When they got back to her dorm room, they started making out, which led to a steamy night of sex.

They both fell asleep on the bed. Paul it seemed was having a good night until he woke up. After opening his eyes, he glanced around the room, still laying down on the bed. He noticed a flickering of light projecting on the ceiling above.

After rubbing his eyes, he sits up groggy. At first, he thought he was dreaming…when he looked to see this girl, naked on the floor with her eyes closed. She was whispering some kind of chant in a language he had never heard before. It was weird and nothing could have prepared him for what happened next. Paul looked around and noticed candles, animal bones from small creatures as well. There was a pentagram drawn on the floor. Paul was freaked out at this point. He yelled out “What the f*ck!”

One night with the devil girl

It didn’t take him long, to get out of there as anyone might have imagined. It was truly a weird moment for anyone. From what one of the guys said on the bus, Paul ran about a half a mile down the road, in nothing but his boxer underwear scared out of his mind. He couldn’t remember this girls name or her dorm room number.

The next day he asked around about this girl and nobody had ever seen her before. Satanic rituals do sometimes take place. With different beliefs and sacrifices made. Paul tried his best to track down this unknown girl. He went back to the dorm, asking around for her, but nobody knew who she was or what dorm room she was in.

As it turns out, a newspaper noted that one girl had gone missing recently. It is unclear what to make of this. Was she using some kind of dark witchcraft or a part of something else? Even more bizarre, is the girl physically resembled the one in the newspaper. Maybe she was possessed by something? I dunno.

When I asked about this, I thought it was an urban type legend, until the guy said it was his roommate who was sitting next to him named Paul. The conversation went silent, as I didn’t know what to say. An incredibly strange story. Just be careful of who you bring home, you never know who or what is out there it seems.

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