Fleeing From “Demons” Woman Dies In Stolen Car

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It took place in Atoka, Tennessee recently when a mother stole a county-owned truck from Memphis. Rosalind Craig (age 41) then proceeded to place her daughter and adopted children inside the vehicle and drove away frantically. She believed the children were “possessed by demons.”

According to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, she was killed upon impact after crashing into a Union Pacific utility truck with her stolen Chevrolet Silverado. This occured along a two-lane road north of Little Rock. One witness stated, that Craig’s truck crossed over the center-line of the roadway around 5:30 AM.

Pulaski County Sheriffs Office Demon Crash

This was a nasty head-on collision. It is unknown just how fast she was driving at the time. The sheriff’s office reported that inside the truck, was her daughter along with one friend and her adopted children. It is a miracle that no one else was injured badly or killed. The children, friend and the driver of the Union Pacific truck, were all taken to the hospital. None of them sustained any serious injuries.

Upon further investigation, Rosalind Craig stole a Shelby County-owned truck (normally used as a non-emergency sheriff’s vehicle) that had government plates on it and aimlessly drove around the State of Arkansas. Lt. Anthony Buckner along with the sheriff’s department, are investigating video recorded to figure out just how this truck was stolen.

Rosalind Craig demon car crash

While Craig was still alive, she said that she was taking the children to the other side of Heaven to meet Jesus. Craig also stated, that they were “leaving the Memphis area due to being possessed by demons” according to witness reports.

Everyone it seems, were shocked by the news of this…including her friend Jossie Dunlap who spoke with the WREG news station. Jossie said, that Rosalind loved her kids and this is not in her character at all. From what is known, she wasn’t on any kind of drug either.

However, before she died, Craig’s mother contacted the police after an altercation with her daughter and her daughter’s friend. Rosalind continued to say that there were demons in the house and that her mother had demons in her. According to Craig’s mother, Rosalind appeared to be “evil” from her appearance.

Craig’s family remain both saddened and confused by the entire incident. It made no sense why she would put her children in any kind of danger and why she stole a vehicle when she had several vehicles of her own.

This incident is quite bizarre and makes one wonder if Rosalind was experiencing something demonic such as a possession type of scenario or perhaps it was something else. The Department of Children’s Services, has taken custody of the children until things settle down.

(Source: WHNT 19 News)

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