Time Traveler from 2030, passes lie detector test

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A young man known as Noah, has risked his life and perhaps altering our very existence by giving away future life details. He allegedly is from the year 2030 and previously mentioned some details about what it is we can expect (within the next 12 years). While things such as these are difficult to believe, we must take things with a grain of salt, whether or not they are true.

Noah time traveler passes lie detector test

Noah was given a lie detector test. When asked about each question from the future, Noah passed with “True” responses while answering each question. Every question, it seems was about the future and what we can expect. The following responses were quite interesting:

  • Current US president Donald Trump will be re-elected in the year 2020
  • Phones are going to start getting bigger towards the year 2030
  • Robots that can run a home are being slowly introduced
  • Bitcoin is being used more but money – including pennies – are still in use
  • Global warming issues have increased and Northern America is now hotter, while Europe is colder
  • Humans fly to Mars in 2028 – the same year time travel is made public
  • Electric cars can travel at 600 mph
  • Some diseases have been cured – including some forms of cancer
  • Artificial intelligence will be huge by 2021 and a popular device which will look like
  • Google glasses have the processing power of today’s computers, which will take over

The interview was conducted by Apex TV. They have previously interviewed Noah and a number of other claimed time travelers. Noah mentioned before, that time travel was only used by top secret organisations from around the world. It is difficult to believe all of this, as Apex TV merely displays an answer with a graphic and noise, stating what he says is true.

He seems to fidget around, during an actual lie detector test, a person is supposed to remain calm and be still during the test. Noah moves around some and messes around with the detector device attached to his finger. This doesn’t help to make this any more believable.

Noah time traveler

In a courtroom setting, a judge ultimately has the discretion whether or not to administer a lie detector test. Noah isn’t on trial, but the entire premise of this is quite doubtful indeed.

It is tough to believe, that people wouldn’t discover that time travel is actually possible, even at this point in time. One other thing to point out, during both videos…Noah is wearing the same shirt however the location seems to be slightly different. It could have been recorded in the same home, but in a different room altogether. Is this nothing more than a hoax? More about Noah the time traveler found here.

(Source: Mirror UK)

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