One Weird Witch Castle Encounter In Oregon

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An interesting encounter took place, while a group of friends were out at a remote location in the woods. This area is actually known as ‘The Witch’s Castle’ in Oregon. An old (yet sort of creepy looking) stone building once stood here. Now, as time has passed, it has since been left in ruins.

Witch Castle Oregon

Four friend banded together, to explore this interesting forest hike. When they came across this intriguing property, they couldn’t resist checking it out for themselves. Perhaps this might have been a bad mistake. After they left the ruined castle, they came across what appeared to be a person sitting down along a pathway. They were crying it seemed. This person seemed to be wearing baggy clothing, that appeared to be quite unkempt.

With their head buried deep into their lap sitting down, the friends couldn’t make out any details of their face. It was difficult to even tell whether or not this was a man or woman. The friends knew they had a long hike back to their car. For whatever different reason, they decided to keep on going. After all, nowadays there are many random killings that might happen. People have to be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Who knows who or what this thing might have been.

As they passed by this person, the friends didn’t say a word to them. They kept going down the path. In situations such as these, basic human instinct is to help but sometimes it is best to keep on going. Picking up their pace, these friends started walking a bit faster through the wilderness. About 20 minutes had passed by.

Finally one of the friends said, “that guy was really strange”. This is when things got weirder. One of the other friends said, “guy? I just saw a dog”. The conversation started to freak out everyone. As the discussion continued, it was clear that one of them has witnessed that of a dog, the other a man and one of them just noticed a person not knowing if it was a man or woman.

Even after time has passed by, these friends continue to bring up their experience on that day. They still don’t know what to make out of it. The Witch’s Castle location, is known for many legends regarding witches, murder and mayhem. High school keggers, are a thing around here as well. Many different stories have been spun around this rather unique place.

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