Partial Body Apparition Seen In Northern California

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This happened several years back in Northern California. The location is where a forest is and it was around 10 PM. Wanting to remain anonymous, the younger sister explained that their older sister was driving her friend back to her house.

She decided to tag along with them and along the way, they stopped by to get some fast food on the road. Deciding to sit in the back, the younger sibling chowed down on their food. Their sister’s friend sat shotgun in the seat next to her.

Partial Body Apparition Seen In Northern California

As they were driving up a hillside, everything at first seemed pretty laid back. She explained how during this time…she was watching videos on her phone – while both her sister and her friend kept listening to the radio and were talking. All of a sudden, one of them started cursing and then they screamed.

Moments after this, they floored it out of there…driving as fast as they could. She explained she didn’t have any idea what had happened, her sister’s friend started crying she was quite upset over something. “What did you see?” she asked. The friend replied “You didn’t see it?” They explained no they didn’t and at the time they were looking down at their phone.

The younger sisters heart sank into her chest, after both her sister and their friend witnessed something out of the ordinary. Whatever it was, it crossed the street in front of them. She asked what this thing looked like. Both of them best explained it as a floating black chest, that appeared to float or fly across the street before them.

At first, they thought it was a garbage bag that the wind picked up and blew across the street. However, this was no garbage bag. It had a pitch black chest with arms protruding from it. Whatever it was, it didn’t have any legs or even a head.

Maybe it was just some kind of bird flying across briefly but the arms seen, were not wings and they were swinging not flapping like what a bird would do. Her sister’s friend exclaimed that this wasn’t anything like that but some kind of demon instead.

The younger sister went on to say, “When we got to her friends house she wouldn’t get out of the car unless we all did. We all stepped out and ran with her to the door and once she got in her house me and my sister hopped in the car and got the hell out of there. To this day she still gets nervous when trying to explain it to anyone.”

Ever since this happened it has remained a mystery. Perhaps it was something like a partial ghost manifesting itself or that of a demonic type entity. Either way, this remains to be explained yet.

(Source: Reddit)

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