Brazilian man becomes Korean

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His name once was Max and now is Xiahn Nishi after deciding to change his appearance by transforming himself on the outside. No longer did he want to be Brazilian, he wanted to be Korean. Taking very drastic measures from numerous plastic surgeries—he now appears to have Asian features.

After his time spent in South Korea, he noticed many things as a student there; which made an impression upon him. Xiahn is only 25 years old, but after spending time in the country, he seemed to fall in love with the lifestyle and people there.

He had previously done some modeling, and doesn’t see his transformation any differently than someone wearing makeup to alter their appearance. The process of was a done by putting hyaluronic acid around his eyes.

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Overall, this process was done 10 times and certainly gave him a new facial appearance. This cost him around $3,000 dollars to do. He is one of the first known people to have this procedure done. Nishi doesn’t think of himself as Asian or Korean but something in between.

Nishi said: “I think I look handsomer like this, Maybe some people think it’s not, but I think it is.”

“I was not afraid that something would go wrong, but I was afraid to stay with scarring in the eye and so I did look plastic, but everything worked out. My vision is perfect.”

There are thousands of people in particular Asian women who undergo plastic surgeries to make themselves look more western. This is very unusual for a man to do such a thing by comparison on the reverse side.

Usually there are procedures which women have done ranging from double eyelid surgeries to nose and chin types of augmentations. Nishi said he uses dark eye contacts and dyes his hair black to maintain his Asian look.

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