Woman Takes Dirt From Salem Witch Trials Graveyard, Gets Into Trouble

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This site is sacred by some and has since become a reminder of the Salem witch trials. During those times, many innocent people lost their lives…after being falsely accused of being a witch and practicing witchcraft. Things were difficult during those times and really bad for some people.

Fast forward to modern times, Athena Cameron of Brooklyn, New York was caught trying to sell dirt taken from graves located in Salem. She dug up an unknown amount of dirt, from burial sites located within Burial Point Cemetery. This cemetery is known to be one of the oldest graveyards in the United States and certainly is one of the oldest known graveyards in all of Salem, Massachusetts.

Salem Witch Trials Grave Site Athena Cameron Dirt Stolen

Perhaps her intentions were somewhat more innocent, as she didn’t see the wrong in what she was doing. Cameron runs a store called Morbid Goddess Art. It can be found on the site Etsy. The site is labelled as “Morbid Goddess Antiques & Curios”. The description also reads: Buyer and seller of Victorian antiques/Old photos, Vintage Taxidermy and funerary items.

Athena later explained that she also hunts for ghosts in her spare time, with a paranormal research group known as After Dark Investigators. Athena was called out later by Sandra Wright who said, “This tourist stole from Old Burial Point and is trying to make money from stolen property. She has been reported to the authorities. As for the spiritual repercussions, who knows… But she will surely be paying in other ways for the crime she has committed.”

Apparently, Athena also has been selling other things collected from cemeteries. The practice of this is called grave robbing and it happens more than people realize. People who do this have no respect for the dead or themselves. From their perspective, they think there is nothing wrong with doing this. After all, the dead don’t need these things right?

Another comment was made by Sharon Graham who said, “Speaking as a Salem witch, and I’m sure most of us feel the same, we see our Salem as sacred. The graves are our ancestors and the energy of our home is very platonic. Taking graveyard dirt from our cemetery and then selling it is only going to manifest a lot of pissed off witches and the spirit of place.”

From what is understood, Athena Cameron went to the cemetery back on November 4th. This was estimated to have taken place at sometime around 2015. Athena later posted her photos on the paranormal investigators community site, when bad things started happening. The photos were from a trip that she and perhaps others went on.

There are/were many people who felt like she was a thief for taking the dirt and later selling it. After many complaints started to pour in, Cameron later removed her listing.

(Source: Paranormaler)

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