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Bigfoot spotted on Mars and skull found

bigfoot on mars

There are many claims about things appearing on planet Mars. Some are nothing but mere illusions however, sometimes things may need another look. It seems from a photograph taken by NASA—revealed what appears to be a Bigfoot wandering on Mars.

bigfoot on planet mars

It is distinctive enough to see in an outline which resembles the fabled creature. Where it seems to be standing is near a pile of rocks, which makes believing this even harder. However, there are many things which we simply do not understand yet. It may be possible some sort of life form exists on Mars, it shouldn’t be ruled out yet entirely.

big foot mars

A yeti type skull has also been seen on what is known as the red planet. The shape of this skull is comparable to that of a fossilized skull which was found in the state of Utah by a man. The paranormal community has been discussing this for a while now. This may tie into the theory about Sasquatch type creatures which are hunted and have been encountered throughout the years. While this is rather far out there, the theory claims that UFOs are often seen just before Bigfoot sightings.

The conclusion by some people is that Bigfoot (Sasquatch) are brought to Earth as collectors. They then harvest samples from our planet, before being taken back to their home planet (wherever it may be). Perhaps they are even from another galaxy altogether. If someone believes in extraterrestrials then they certainly consider the possibility of Bigfoot as well.

The photograph seen on Mars is fascinating, but doesn’t clearly show the full silhouette of the alleged Sasquatch creature. While the theory about these mysterious creatures is an interesting one, it has likely been covered up by government sources. The Sasquatch (Bigfoot) remains a rather elusive beast and there are some encounters which seem rather questionable. The thought of crossing paths with one is both terrifying and remarkable.

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Also believed to be inter dimensional beings, some people believe that Bigfoot are a type of guardian or protector of nature. They are similar to being much like a watchdog. They continue to wander the woodlands and watch us from a far. Perhaps at some point in time, they will intervene with what mankind is doing to nature. People have since become willingly or not natures destruct or.

Ex-CIA pilot John Lear who is the son of the Lear jet inventor, mentioned that they’re from Mars. Could be…it’s out there, after all…

(Source: Sunday Express)

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