Organ eating ghost plagues small village in Thailand

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Located in a small village within Thailand, are troubled villagers who have pooled together their resources, to hire a paranormal specialist to scour the area for any signs of ghostly activity. Together, 370 different families have since raised $1,400 dollars – to find some answers, why a ghost is believed to be responsible for eating the organs of four different men, who have all died.

Thailand villagers hire ghost hunter

The people here, have their superstitions and do believe that something out of the ordinary has been roaming through their homeland. This all started back on October 29th as not only the bodies of four men have been mutilated, but a handful of household pets as well.

Even a buffalo, was reported dying under the most unusual of circumstances. The paranormal specialist brought in, is referred to as a “famous ghostbuster”. Others call him nothing more than a hermit. He has removed the spirits of 30 different ghosts so far, using his various ritual methods. Using bamboo tubing, this spirit slayer was able to snare the spirits and burn them away – with a ritual that lasted for several hours. The entire event, was supervised by local police and other government officials.

villagers in Thailand hire ghost hunter

While all of this seemed to bring peace to this rather chaotic series of events, it was only short-lived, as another man mysteriously died the exact same way several days later. From the pandemonium plaguing this area, health workers have since been brought in, to find an answer as to why this keeps happening.

From this, they hope to dispel any rumors of vengeful ghostly spirits being held accountable. Some believe, that this is nothing more than a bizarre medical occurrence – that continues to affect this area. It is unknown, whether or not the villagers will receive their money back, after the specialist seemed to fail.

Villagers march after ghost Thailand

All of the villagers in Moo 3, Moo 8 and Moo 11 villages of Tambon Nong Suang, have had their lives disrupted over these strange series of events. There are a number of northeastern traditional beliefs, that seem to haunt peoples thoughts, as they gradually become more and more afraid over time.

While the thought of this is quite wild, the ghosts are believed to be female spirits who eventually haunt their victims eating them from inside out. Perhaps these are vengeful spirits, who are on a purpose to seek revenge upon those who have wronged others.

Ghost in Thailand haunts villagers

Head of the public health team, Dr. Pairat Songkhram, said officials would continue to look into the scientific causes of the deaths, and psychologists would interview the families of the four men.

Songkhram said: “At this point, we have found that one of the four men died of leptospirosis and another of blood-pressure problems.”

(Source: Coast to Coast AM and Buriram Times)

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