Haunted lighthouse in California

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This unique place is nestled a way from the coast of California, a rather interesting place which is now designated as a historical site maintained by the Del Norte Historical Society. A museum has been established as well for visitors. Back in 1855, Congress approved a sum of $15,000 dollars to construct a lighthouse known as Battery Point Light. It rests on a tiny islet, which is connected to Battery Point by an isthmus which stretches about 150 yards from the mainland. It can only be crossed by foot at low tides. There is something else rather interesting about this place; it has claimed to be haunted.


There have been reported sightings by caretakers of the isle over the years, including lost slippers moved around in the night among other things. A paranormal research team stayed at the lighthouse inspecting the area, what they discovered was a rocking chair moving by itself, touches on shoulders and doors suddenly closing.


The place is believed to be haunted by not one but three different ghosts including a small child spirit. The adult ghosts are believed to be the parents of the child. Perhaps they were lost at sea and died washing ashore in the afterlife, making this place their new home sort of speak.
The mariners warning light which was first lit back in 1856, has now been completely automated warning ships of the St. George reef – which lies 6 miles northwest of the Crescent City Harbor.


Back in 1964, the earthquake which struck Alaska sent a tidal wave tsunami reaching sum twenty feet high toward Battery Point Light. Both Clarence and Peggy Coons were living as curators in the lighthouse when the waves arrived, and this is what Peggy mentioned:

“The water withdrew as if someone had pulled the plug. It receded a distance of three-quarters of a mile from the shore. We were looking down, as though from a high mountain, into a black abyss. The basin was sucked dry…in the distance another black wall of water was rapidly building. The mammoth wall of water came barreling towards us. It looked higher than our island. When it hit it was like a violent explosion…….”


There have been several novels about the Battery Point Light. These titles include: ‘Walk Across the Sea’, by Susan Fletcher (a 2001 historical fiction for teens) and ‘The Lightkeeper’s Daughter’, by Colleen Coble, which is a 2010 romance book for adults.

(The music video for the Tim McGraw song “Not a Moment Too Soon” has scenes of Tim next to the light on the lighthouse’s top balcony and scenes of the Battery Point Light from a distance)

Ghost caught on video at soccer game
Closely departed

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