Creepy Spirits Scare Security Guard At Haunted Crematorium

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While on duty back in 2019, one night-time security guard overheard what sounded like a young boy screaming for help in a crematorium. This wasn’t the first time he experienced nightly oddities such as these. On this night in particular, he noticed a creepy eerie figure near him while he went outside to wander around on the graveyard property. Was this a living person or maybe something else entirely? 

It all starts with this unknown security guard babbling about his experiences while working here. Everything seems to be okay for a few moments before taking a turn soon enough. The entire incident seems to capture voices among other sounds.

The guard eventually gets fed up with all of this happening and later says, “Hello?” at first. Whether or not something there tried to answer him is another story. Noises soon began to happen when the man shouted, “Hey, you need to come out, I’m not playing anymore.” 

Many ambient sounds can be heard comparable to someone visiting a haunted house attraction. Echoes start happening which scare the guard rather quickly. More noises continue throughout the rooms he wanders through. 

At one point during the video, he can be seen driving around the crematorium before lights begin to start flickering from the inside. No doubt this would frighten anyone alone at night in such a setting. Especially by them self – at least while they are still alive. 

“I’m really not sure what is going on here,” the frightened man adds.

The guard then walks into the chapel before hearing an echoing scream.

“Nope,” he adds. “I’m f*****g done. This is some spooky f*****g sh*t going on here. Nope.”

“This is why my security officer f*****g quit.

Image: k_khanh96 from Pixabay

This place wherever it is located seems to be haunted by some restless spirits of some kind. There may be more than one as at each and every turn seen and heard on the video indicates some disturbances happening. The kid the man noticed on the video seemed to be standing right near him as he was outside looking around. Whatever or whoever it was, they seemed to be dressed in modern day attire.  

Legs can be seen with shorts on and what looked like shoes. The video is quick but long enough to spot some detail on the pan over perspective. During one moment the security guard yells out “Hello? Security.” while reentering the property again. He finds a door that was closed only to now be found wide open. More sounds can be heard including a voice saying “Help.” 

Later, the video was posted to Tik Tok not long after and from then on the video appeared to be spread around online. Most certainly anything can be faked but this video was somewhat convincing to many people. 

One person said: “No way! Time to get another security job. That loud voice scream or whatever would have made me pee myself. No thanks!”

Another said: “This is creepy.”

However, not everyone believed the video was legitimate with many claiming the video was “faked”.

Many things like this are considered unexplained mysteries. Maybe more will come out of it one day but for now we can only guess. 

Source: DailyStar

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