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Camera Captures Paranormal Activity In Haunted Garage

A man shared what he believes to be paranormal type activity that happened in his garage. His Nest camera setup, captured different things including voices heard, orbs and strange movements that surrounded his pool table. The original video upload, included the following comments: “Since installing a camera in our garage we have had many alerts

Parents Locked Up Their ‘Ghost Possessed’ Son For 30 Years

Sometimes very bizarre things happen that people do. This time is no exception, a man was locked away inside of a cage for 30 years by his parents. They believed that their six year old son, was possessed by some kind of a ghostly spirit. This incident began back when the man was still a

Phantom past the Window

A lady by the name of Mary Ellen, submitted a photograph to the Angels & Ghosts website. She explained, that she had a roll of Kodak film sitting around in an old drawer for several years. At some point, she finally got around to developing it. To her shocking surprise, the image of a phantom

Skeletal ghostly photo taken at ice skating rink

While out ice skating years ago, a woman took several strange photographs. This happened back during 2015. A user from the site Reddit, named ashleyc93 photographed several mystery dark figures passing by. These figures, were comparable to someone’s shadow yet they were different. This is what she said from her post: “So, my neighbour was

Eerie apparition photographed in the United Kingdom

Located in the United Kingdom, a brother apparently woke up in the middle of the night – after hearing strange sounds coming from downstairs. Luke Jackson, had awakened in the late night hours after craving a cigarette. The 36 year old, was surprised as he wandered down the steps of his flat. At first, he