Paranormal Attic Dweller Terrorizes Portuguese Couple On Video

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While this video dates back to around 2014, it has remained questionable. A video was taken by a Portuguese couple, who unknowingly were living with something otherworldly in their attic. Both of them look genuinely frightened about what has been going on in their home. When the husband or boyfriend wanders up the stairs, there seems to be doubt on his mind at first anyway.

Portuguese woman scared of ghost in attic

Reinforcing her fears, the woman seems to be quite frightened. She tells her man to be careful and to be safe. Thumps can be heard, either from the camera bouncing all around or from something there with them. At one point, something sounds like it dropped. Maybe whatever it was up there, knocked something over inside their attic.

The couple previously began hearing odd noises coming from their attic. Eventually, enough was enough, so they decided to investigate what was happening and grabbed their camera. It was something neither of them will soon forget.

Paranormal presence at top of attic Portuguese couple

They were changed after encountering this experience. One can only speculate just what this thing was, that seemingly appeared at the top of the stairs momentarily. Was this thing some sort of demon or more of a ghostly type variety? Perhaps this is more of a poltergeist, able to move objects around at will.

Skeptics believe this is entirely staged but not everything is. Sometimes there are things that do go bump in the night. You never know who or what might be lingering around, waiting to make itself known whether it might be a burglar or something else.

If this was some kind of digital manipulation done, then it was done quite masterfully. After seeing this, it makes you wonder why or who this thing is that was disturbing them. Did the entity live there previously or did this couple attract some kind of parasitic demon to their home?

After pausing the video frame by frame, the man himself appeared to be kind of possessed through his eyes. The woman standing on the stairs looks as if her eyes were reflecting light. The husband or boyfriend looks kind of different in certain moments.

Some have said this is a really good capture of something paranormal on camera. Both of these people seem quite scared and panic about what to do next. This one is a head scratcher for sure. People have reported seeing different things paused throughout the video as well.

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