Eye To Eye With His First Dark Entity

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Lucid dreaming, out of body experiences or sometimes what is known as “the phase” are things this man is passionate about. He decided to start up a YouTube channel called ‘Phase Evolution’ and shared one experience, that has left him rather bewildered.

He also wants to further expand his knowledge and practices about astral projection. Upon doing this, he encountered something quite extraordinary one day. He went downstairs to his doorstep, a place where he envisions different things to appear.

It was there, where things took a sudden turn for the worse or better depending upon one’s perspective. At first, this thing didn’t appear…until he wandered closer towards his minivan. An aura of darkness seemed to surround the entire van. It was as if, everything around this one spot became darker suddenly. He then opened the drivers side door and stepped inside. He described that something was with him, inside of the van.

Evil entity eye to eye

Whatever he unknowingly summoned forth, was some kind of dark malicious entity. At first, he wanted to fight this thing and push it away, after it began punching at him. However, he took a different approach. Instead, he embraced this entity and began to even comfort it.

This is exactly what he had been looking for, he wanted to interact with one of these things trying to understand it if at all possible. Whatever he did worked. Only then, did this dark entity begin to squirm around, trying to get away from his tight embrace.

He went on to explain, that his adrenaline kicked in. His heart was pumping out of fear or excitement. A kind of energy began to build up inside of him. A sound went off in his head which he described to be like a shotgun going off.

Everything around him, seemed to burst with an intense bright white light. He further described that he was in a void state, only this time it was different for him. Things weren’t abysmally dark. He felt like he had left his body for around 10-15 seconds, before fading back to reality in front of him. One of his viewers, considers this “the flash bang effect”.

Eye To Eye With His First Dark Entity

This man went on to say, he likes to do everything once, even though it might be terrifying for him. Perhaps he learned something from this strange encounter. Is it possible that good energy can overcome dark energy in certain moments? Maybe whatever this was, couldn’t contend with what he was putting out, through his intense spiritual aura. The video is posted below.

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