Miley Cyrus’s serpentine reptilian eyes shift during interview

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Miley Cyrus shape shifts during interview

Her persona has captured the attention of the masses. Even at an early age, she was groomed to become the next big thing. Singer and actress Miley Cyrus, is rumored to secretly be a shape shifting reptilian. A video demonstrates her serpentine eyes, as they appear to shift during an interview. Many Miley fans, have had a difficult time accepting the news of this. The video has since gone viral, as Miley is seen shifting into reptilian form momentarily.

While she was being interviewed by Barbara Walters on ABC news, Miley is seen blinking sideways as her pupils appear to be comparable to a snake or lizard. The video is slowed down and displays her eyes zoomed in upon. Clearly, her eyes appear not normal during the interview segment seen.

Before simply dismissing this as utter nonsense, the original video was released to the public and her odd eyes have been edited out to appear normal again. Barbara Walters mentioned, it was just her mascara makeup causing the effect. During this interview, it appears as if Miley is revealing her true form. Many are calling her a Draco Reptilian Shape-shifting Hybrid.

miley cyrus seen shapeshifting into reptilian again

(This isn’t the only time her eyes have appeared like this)

From what is understood, these Shape-shifting Hybrids are believed to use a type of liquid crystal holographic technology. This is used to cloak them, appearing normal to those around them. It is suspected, that many of these reptilian creatures—have been strategically placed in key positions around the world.

This includes many other celebrities, high ranking political figures, European Royal Families and more. All of them, are using their power of influence over others to further initiate the New World Order agenda. Many of these famous people, are believed to be a part of a reptilian bloodline.

miley cyrus seen shapeshifting into reptilian

While watching Miley in the interview playback, her eyes caught the attention of the editors at the ABC news studio. Anomalies with Miley’s eyes, started to show up only during the editing stages. Initially, this couldn’t be explained. Someone inside the studio, apparently leaked this uncut footage of Miley. At first, this all appeared to be a false alarm, until more was seen later in the video.

Someone at the studio said:

“He called me over and was pale and shaking. He played me the clip in slow motion and I thought I was going to throw up.””We showed the director and he said to get rid of those frames and check for more.””Barbara Walters [the show’s host] tried to say it was just her makeup running. No way! I know what I saw.”

A Twitter user added:

“Ever since I watched Miley’s pupils morph like a reptilian shape-shifter I cannot look at her like she’s not some Mythical Dragon Lady.”A Miley Cyrus fan, reached out to us after her daughter watched the shape-shifting footage saying; “She asked me to take her posters off the wall as she’s too afraid to sleep in her bedroom now. She doesn’t like snakes.”

Speculation is these disguised reptilians are a part of the dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline. Their name is known as the Babylonian Brotherhood. They are believed to be working with the New World Order agenda.

(Source: Neon Nettle)


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