Hogzilla the monster pig

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Giant pigs can sometimes roam the southern states in remote areas. This time around, an amazingly enormous pig was found back in Alabama. (It is believed that this wild hog may be the biggest pig ever found to date) It was nicknamed monster pig and rightfully so! This pig was slain by an 11 year old boy (at the time) named Jamison Stone in 2007. There have been tales of giant pigs roaming around in different places. This time around a young hunter caught his ultimate prize pig weighing in at 1,051 pounds and was 9 feet long. Impressive as it is, the boy killed the pig with a pistol. It is believed that this pig was once from a farm. How freaky would it be to have this huge wild pig charging at you?


On a side note, one thing also stands out – an 11 year old can carry a pistol side arm without supervision? Maybe he was who knows… This event happened in Alabama which has its own regulations about game hunting in various parts. Often in rural areas many things happen which may or may not be legal.

Jamison Stone’s father said: “Think hams as big as car tires.” Jamison’s trophy boar was actually bigger than infamous Hogzilla, which was killed in south Georgia in back 2004. The boar Hogzilla was reportedly found to be 1000 pounds and 12 feet long. Later National Geographic reported the remains of the animal were more around 800 pounds and 8 feet long. This makes the monster pig quite incredible by comparison indeed.

Taxidermist Jerry Cunningham (ham) mentioned to the newspaper that this was “the biggest thing I’d ever seen … it’s huge.”
Jamison, killed his first deer when he was just 5 years old, he was hunting with his father Mike Stone and two guides in east Alabama on May 3, 2007 when he bagged Hogzilla II (the monster pig).


He said he shot the huge animal eight times with a .50-caliber revolver, chased it for around three hours – through hilly woods before finishing it off with a point-blank round. He was exhausted afterwards and mentioned: “I was a little bit scared, a little bit excited”
This giant feral hog was weighed at the Clay County Farmer’s Exchange in Lineville. Workers at the co-op verified that the basic truck scales used were recently certified by the state. (But no workers from the co-op were present when the hog was weighed)

Mike Stone had sausage made from the rest of the animal. “We’ll probably get 500 to 700 pounds,” he said.
Jamison certainly enjoyed the fame from the hog hunt, but he said he prefers hunting pheasants to monster pigs.

“They are a little less dangerous.”

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