Mystery figure magically passes through closed shop door

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Believed to be some sort of spirit trans-versing through time, a video was released back in 2016. It was published by an unknown source. Since it was released, nobody has any concrete explanation about it. The video is skeptical, as it appears to be nothing but some kind of special effect video piece.

Seen in the video, is a homeless person, they are sitting next to a trash can outside of a closed store. Moments later, a humanoid wearing a hoodie, walks by them and passes right through the door without even opening it. The whole setup of this is pretty weird, but it does raise some questions about it.

Mystery figure steps through locked store door

Most people have labeled this hooded figure as a ghost. While this could be a possibility, this figure could be something else entirely. Some think this figure is from another world altogether. Perhaps even, there is some kind of time traveling teleportation happening in the video. The most suspicious thing about this video, is when the hooded figure passes through the door, the camera flickers.

Mystery figure walks through doorway without opening it

When this happens, is this the result of some kind of energy glitching the camera? Or, was this done to hide some special effect being added to the scene? At first glance, there appears to be only one homeless person, however there are several seen sitting in this bizarre CCTV footage.

Moments after the figure has already entered the building, they return through the door seeming to walk right through it effortlessly, without even opening the door. The same flash of light glitch happens again and the figure is seen carrying a snack from the shop in their hand. This dismisses any logic that this is some kind of ghost. A ghost wouldn’t need to eat anything, since they are already dead.

This mysterious figure seems to be humanoid or taking the form of one. Also seen in the video, appears to be a graphic glitch happening as well. Located in the left hand corner of the screen, displays a date that seems to be constantly switching between the years 2016 and 2019. The time clock, does not pause during the entire transition of this figure both entering and leaving the store. If it was an edited special effect, one would see irregular movement from the time clock. Throughout the video, it appears to be quite consistent.

Someone mentioned, that this is nothing more than a fake because the shots are a series of composites. The camera doesn’t seem to move at all. What is seen, is nothing but an overlay from an earlier time, when the store was open earlier. This may be true, but the camera is more than likely mounted along the wall providing stability. The camera view, is pointing down slightly so it was placed higher up.

It is unknown where this was recorded, but it is believed to be somewhere in North America.

(Source: Mirror UK)

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