Mummified humanoid alien found in Peru changes human history

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Mummified humanoid alien close up

The question that has remained unanswered for so long, now has potential proof to go along with it. Located in the country of Peru, an astonishing discovery has been made recently. Is this undeniable evidence of a non-human species which exists or existed on Earth? Seen in these photos and videos, are images of what appears to be a crouched mummified alien humanoid.

The discovery took place near the city of Nazca in Peru. The team that was sent there, discovered this rather mysterious three-fingered humanoid. Many believe this is nothing more than a type of plaster casting of some kind of model made.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

While this may be true, it hasn’t been conclusively proven or disproven yet. A Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, from Saint-Petersburg University, mentioned that the features seen on the humanoid, are not that of a deformity but something else entirely. Konstantin, feels that the specimen is some kind of other type creature.

Mummified humanoid alien examination

This 5.6 foot long humanoid specimen, appears to have been covered with white powder used to preserve the remains. Claims have been made which date the remains between 245 until 410 AD. Likewise, these tests have not yet been verified but many suspect this changes everything about our human history.

Mummified humanoid alien scale size

Anthropologist Alicia McDermot went on to say, scientists who have been studying human history and its origination may well find themselves in a difficult situation soon. They will help decide whether or not this discovery is for real.

Another team member on the scene, was a former investigative journalist named Jamie Maussan. He is well known for his involvement with several fake UFO claims. However, now he is unsure if these remains are in fact real or not.

Also circulating, are photographic slides which are now floating around. These slides are supposedly from the famous Roswell flying saucer crash—which happened back in 1947. (not far from New Mexico’s Area 51 location)

Jamie Maussan is known for promoting dodgy UFO videos and alien artifacts claims as well. Jamie later charged people $20 dollars to watch live stream events at a conference held in Mexico. As it turns out, these slide pictures were discovered to be from a mummy in a museum exhibition.

Mummified humanoid alien examination and alien hand

Further considering things, previously a hand was found—eerily similar to the hands seen on this mummified alien looking humanoid. This leads many to believe that there is a connection between both remains. Not only did they both come the same location but they both are shaped and seen to be very similar in size. Also, the humanoid remains recovered don’t display any nose or ears, only holes which isn’t characteristic to a human being.

If this mummy is nothing more than a disfigured human, then why are there 2 recovered remains found of each hand being both the same comparable size? Surely head binding and birth defects happen but both discovered in the same location is rather suspicious after all. Many are awaiting the results of the findings, as a press conference is scheduled to be held about this.

Someone said: No question about it, this is the first REAL alien that has been made public. And it has been received very well, without fear. Something tells me that governments are testing reactions, for the next stage….Live aliens.

(Source: Daily Mail and Gaia)

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