People mysteriously keep disappearing from National Parks

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Missing people in national parks

Strange things are happening in national parks around the country. People are either being abducted or taken by something else entirely. It is unwise to wander alone, especially near park locations in the Continental United States.

Other locations throughout the world are equally in danger as well. Many have simply laughed off this paranoia, that is happening lately. However, there is something rather suspicious happening as people simply seem to vanish off the face of the Earth. Many police reports and investigations are nothing more than elaborate cover up operations, for those who wish to look the other way.

Many questions remained unanswered including traces of missing people. Were they killed by something in nature such as a bear or was it something else? Undoubtedly, there are a number of animals that can eat people in wilderness, ranging in all different shapes and sizes.

Dark forest people missing

The next element of danger, may well be a kidnapper or robber looking for a quick score. While this happens to be a higher statistical threat to humans, more than 25% percent of all children abducted are by an acquaintance of the child.

Fewer than one quarter of all abductions are made by a stranger. Most of the children taken, will happen within a quarter of a mile from the child’s home. This makes up 80% of all children being taken each year. Statistically, only 1 out of every 10,000 children reported missing will end with a death. Human trafficking is a problem and continues to plague countries all around the world as well.

According to NCIC’s Missing Person File, there are over 65,000 individuals who have been categorized as being over the age of 21. These people are not classified as missing. This statistic itself seems rather suspicious.

There are thousands of people still not found, as they seemingly have disappeared altogether after having stepped foot into a forest or another isolated area. These people make up a rather diverse group with their age, race and social standings.

The biggest question is, where did all of these people go? Numerous alien abductions continue to be reported about each year. Perhaps a small percentage of these people, could have been taken for whatever reason. Are these people being cherry picked by some sort of modern day monster?

David Paulides

Or, are they being harvested by a group of underground cult members? Former police officer and now writer David Paulides, has written a book entitled “Missing 411” where he speculates about the disappearance of people in national parks and other locations.

He went on to question a number of park rangers and other staff—who seemed to have awkward reactions to the missing people. He later put in a freedom of information request, only to get a run around about it.

The requested documents, simply don’t exist and there aren’t records saved listing the folks who have disappeared. Many of the circumstances about the missing people, seem to have happened in some of the same locations in different states.

Boy gone missing

Some of the children who went missing, later were found in an extraordinary far away locations compared to where they first went missing. This seems odd. Clothes have been found neatly stacked upon the forest floor without the person in them. It was as if they were beamed away or taken with the utmost precision. There are countless cases involving missing people and many of them still remain unsolved. What is going on at our national parks and why are people simply vanishing? There are many speculations. Lets hope these people are found soon, so that their families have some closure in their lives.

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