Zlata the Russian contortionist

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Her name is Zlata and she is a contortionist from Russia. She has been given an incredible ability to contort herself in many different positions. With this uncommon gift, she has toured around the world and performed at various events. She formerly was a gymnast and is only 24 years old. She stands around 5 feet 9 inches tall (when she isn’t hunched over).

Zlata posed

She has been doing this for quite a while, it has been a decade since she first started performing her unique act on stage. At her greatest flexibility, she can squeeze herself roughly into the shape of a square around 50 centimeters or (19.685 inches) in size. Her tendons are extremely flexible allowing her to move into extreme poses for long amounts of time.

Zlata has also done some modeling carving out a niche for herself. Russian women are known for their beautiful looks and sense of style. Zlata mentioned that she more or less gave up on sports as she was picked on while she was in school.

phone booth Zlata

How she got into this was fairly simple, one day her teacher asked her to create a bridge. This was a handstand (with your back arched) which lasted a long time, as she looked around she noticed all of her classmates already had fallen down, while she remained still posed perfectly in place.

This was the first sign that she was special this way. Zlata said that other girls were jealous of her abilities and fairly often she was ridiculed about it. In Russia, being this flexible is actually a good thing, often people try to get into gymnastics and only the very few succeed. Only the very few make it as Olympians afterward having a great career.

Zlata in fridge

She also said that doing these type of exercises, came very naturally to her. Some extreme poses do however get uncomfortable to her for example doing a photo shoot for many hours on end. Seeing the human body posed in such ways presents its absolute beauty to all. People appreciate such displays from all around the world. Zlata also has been nicknamed snake woman for obvious reasons.

Zlata flexed

She noted that people should exercise more often, they can get stiff being in one place for too long. Zlata doesn’t really train all that much, but she keeps herself as flexible as possible. When she isn’t on tour and doing shows—she now lives in Germany and continues to push her limits each day. Zlata also holds a Guinness World record for the fastest time to burst three balloons with her back. She did this in a mere 12 seconds.

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