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Man gets pulled over for speeding with alien passenger doll

Alien passenger in car at Alpharetta Georgia

While out driving on the road nowadays one can see nearly anything. This time, a police officer pulled over a man who had an alien riding shotgun along with them. The unusual encounter took place in Alpharetta, Georgia. The man was driving 84 miles an hour, on a Sunday afternoon. Where he was going had to be really important. He was using an alien prop doll—to commute carpool style down the road.

While the area isn’t huge, it does boast a population of around 64,000 people. The need for speed was priority for this man. Several officers arrived on the scene, they then discovered the man and his prop passenger peering ahead through the passenger window.

Surely they laughed a few times over this. Perhaps if this scenario included the driver commuting to an indie movie set—it would make some kind of since for him to be toting around this alien prop doll. The alien doll appeared to be figuratively human-sized by comparison. Jokingly, it was good to know the alien was wearing their seat belt for safety according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The driver never did mention why the alien doll was in the passenger seat with him. However, he did let the police take a number of photos according to Interestingly enough, Alpharetta, Georgia is a mere 6 miles away from Roswell, Georgia. Perhaps the alien passenger was confused with Roswell, New Mexico. A celebration is happening soon to as the 70th anniversary of the famous Roswell crash starts on Thursday.

The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety, later went on to post photographs of the vehicle and the alien doll on their Facebook page last Sunday afternoon.

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Alpharetta Department of Public Safety alien car photos

“Umm, the things you see during everyday patrol,” police wrote in the post.

Officer George Gordon was on the scene and couldn’t believe what he saw initially. The driver of the vehicle, got off with a verbal warning only after being pulled over as the police laughed over the otherworldly passenger. Imagine their reaction if the alien began to move or communicate.

(Source: Huffington Post)

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