Man records small alien creature at parking lot in Mexico

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Small alien creature caught on tape in Mexico

Appearing to be some sort of small-sized alien creature in a parking lot, someone from Mexico captured this moment on video. Immediately, many questions come to mind. Obviously, this appears to be done with CGI, but it isn’t conclusive.

The background shows that it is nighttime and the location appears to be some sort of parking lot in a city environment. Someone then gets out of their vehicle, moving their camera phone around rather spastic ally. It seems that this parking lot, had something else entirely wandering underneath of vehicles that evening. The video was posted last year, on YouTube back in 2016.

Certainly, this small creature appears to be alien by nature given its appearance. It resembles the same type of alien creature seen in another video from long ago. This other video, shows a young child “playing” with this small alien type creature in Chile’s Atacama desert region on a kitchen floor. (More can be read about this here)

Alien plays with child on kitchen floor

This alien creature seen in this parking lot, may have been on some type of scouting mission and happened to be noticed unexpectedly. Was this unknown creature part of some sort of underground experiment?

While anything is possible, this pint-sized alien, was fearful of being captured—as it seemed to be running between different cars rather swiftly making it tough to catch. However, the man recording this seems to be breathing heavily a sign he is scared.

Small alien creature caught on tape

Comparably, both of these creatures seem to have the same skin tone and texture. Physically they appear to be similar. Each of them, seem to have oval shaped heads seen the same way. Both of these creatures appear to have two arms and two legs. The video quality of both videos isn’t crystal clear but both are good enough to make out different details.

The alien creature running underneath of cars, seems rather desperate to get away. However, how the video appears initially, does show the creature running—just as the camera pans up to the passenger side door and tire. (where it is first seen) This seems too convenient and makes the video further suspicious.

Small alien creature caught on tape in parking lot

There are varying types of aliens that are different shapes and sizes. We need to be aware of whats around us and not dismiss things which appear out of the ordinary. Perhaps more will be revealed on day about these small sized alien creatures.

Jokingly, someone commented saying “That’s the little shit that’s been letting the air out of my tires.”

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