Welder spills details about Roswell UFO crash site

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This incident happened back in July of 1947, it is one of the most talked about paranormal incidents of all time. Known simply as the Roswell UFO incident. The event shook up the belief of UFOs and alien encounters. Many still believe that this was an elaborate cover up by the US government. Perhaps there is more speculation about this, as over time witnesses have come forward with new evidence being presented about this case.

Those who were there that day, include a young girl who was only 10 years old during the time. She recalls seeing the remains of dead aliens; who are now known as greys. These bug eyed reptilian looking extraterrestrials—were here either observing or trying to make contact with humanity.

This same little girl claimed to have held a piece of debris from the Roswell UFO crash site. The metal she handled was rather peculiar. What she then said about this metal was fascinating, mentioning that it would not burn nor cut. The metal was lightweight yet durable and would retain its shape after being crumpled.

Roswell UFO crash site

It is believed that the aliens found on the crash site, were perhaps taken (still alive) to the infamous Area 51 location in the southern part of Nevada. It is here, that further experiments were conducted and more information was learned about them under top secret operations. Area 51 is located 83 miles from the north-northwest part of Las Vegas. In the center of this location is Groom Lake, which is a large military airfield.

An engineer spoke with a man who was a welder, this welder was given the assignment of cutting open the circular part of the dome. This section rests on top of the flying saucer space craft, which was found at the crash. The man reportedly was overwhelmed with what he had witnessed. The retired engineer looked down, as he came face to face with several dead alien beings. This would be one of the most incredible things he would see in his lifetime.

The interview with the engineer happened 23 years later, back in 1970. It was released by The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). “He described the craft as being about 25/26 feet in diameter, with a large dome on top”. The spacecraft was the ‘color of weak tea’ with a burnished finish. There were no signs of weld marks, seams, or rivets and that all of the edges had either an inside or outside radius.

UFO Festival in Roswell

There were no visible windows or openings.” More things he recalls, include that the cockpit smelled like ammonia. He then described the two beings as being about 4 feet tall, but they were doubled up so it was hard to say. They were wearing what he said were skin tight purplish flight suits that reminded him of sequins.

He described their heads as what we now refer to as greys. He said there were no visible instruments that he could see.

Roswell has since become a magnet for paranormal activity since its first released newspaper article of the incident. This has helped the local economy there as travelers and tourists make their way through here. The official statement by the US Air Force about the incident mentions—it was simply a damaged air balloon that crashed. Many think otherwise, as it still remains debated to date.

Roswell Daily Record

(Source: Sunday Express)

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